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Serve a Business Entity through the Corporations Division

How do I serve a business entity through the Corporations Division?

1)  The Corporations Division may be served pursuant to:

   I.    MCR 2.105(D)(4)

   II.   Section 1920 of the Revised Judicature Act, MCL 600.1920

   III.   Section 902 and 907 of the Michigan Uniform Limited Partnership Act

   IV.   Michigan Franchise Investment Law, MCL 445.1522

   V.    Section 1002 of the Limited Liability Company Act, MCL 450.5002

   VI.   Section 207(4) of the Limited Liability Company Act, MCL 450.4207(4)

You may wish to refer to these statutory sections.

2) If you need to serve the Corporations Division, you can send the service of process by registered mail with the applicable fees, to Alexis Lupo, Corporations Division Director, P.O. BOX 30054, Lansing, MI 48909.

3) The fee for corporations is $3.00. No other entity requires a fee.