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Internship Requirements


An applicant for a polygraph examiners license is required to have completed an internship training program consisting of an academic component and a practical training component.

To become an intern, an applicant is required to have satisfied the educational requirement for a polygraph examiner's license, submit proof of enrollment in an approved polygraph school and submit an application with the required fee.


The academic component consists of a course of instruction in the theory and practice of polygraph techniques at a polygraph school approved by the Board.


During an internship, an intern is required to have administered not less than 200 polygraph examinations under the supervision of an approved intern supervisor. The first 25 exams must be supervised on-site by the intern supervisor and 10 must be specific issue exams. Of the remaining 175 exams, 40 are to be specific issue examinations. The intern supervisor may provide either on-site, or remote supervision of these exams. A chronological log of each examination conducted is required to be maintained by the intern on a form provided by the department.