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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • Tagging grass carp Tracking fish movements with acoustic telemetry

    Fish can be hard to locate. Even with modern technology, fish movements are difficult to track, because they're influenced by a variety of factors. Understanding these movements is key to both improving sport fishing as well as developing more effective methods of fish management. 

  • Copter Herbicides helpful in managing Michigan's forests

    From now through fall, people who visit or live near state forests may find signs posted that say herbicide spraying has taken place. This practice helps the DNR manage invasive species or prepare an area for planting new trees. 

  • Mitchell state park - historical Thirteen Michigan state parks celebrate golden anniversaries twice over

    This year, 13 of Michigan’s 103 state parks are celebrating turning 100 years old. 

  • A harbor on the Great Lakes Michigan's traveling waters

    With more than 3,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline and thousands of miles of rivers and streams, Michigan offers ample opportunity to traverse the state over the water – no matter the size or speed of your vessel.

  • North country trail sign Call it North Country, the backbone of Michigan's Iron Belle Trail

    The North Country National Scenic Trail, or North Country Trail for short, is the longest trail in the National Trail System, stretching more than 4,600 miles between North Dakota and New York. With 1,150 miles, Michigan hosts more miles of the North Country Trail than any of the ...