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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • Fire precaution Caution can help prevent human-caused wildfires

    Almost all wildfires in Michigan start by accident. The wind picks up and a brush fire gets away or a campfire smolders and comes back to life. It’s especially important to use caution in the spring.  March, April, May and June are Michigan’s busiest months for wildfires. 

  • Young sturgeon Revitalizing Michigan's lake sturgeon populations

    Lake sturgeon are evolutionary ancients that have lived in the Great Lakes almost forever. The ultimate goal in a multi-agency collaborative effort is to restore lake sturgeon so they can be removed from the threatened species list and develop recreational fishing opportunities.

  • Bird Watcher Spring bird migration brings big excitement to Michigan

    The return of Michigan’s migratory birds from their southern wintering grounds is cause for celebration, and many celebrate by heading to the fields, forests and wetlands to view these colorful harbingers of spring.

  • Fish in frying pan Bringing it all back home, from field to table

    We could fish again together, walk those old dirt roads, talk about the good times way back when or just sit on the front porch of the cabin, watching the sun go down over the trees, waiting for the stars to come up. Want to take someone special fishing? Get more information on fishing in Michigan, ...

  • Morel Mushroom Hunting Hunting Michigan morels with Mi-HUNT

    When looking for morel mushrooms, an interactive map application maintained by the Michigan Department of Resources called Mi-HUNT is a mapping tool that delivers a wealth of information right to your computer or mobile device. You can target morel mushrooms at Mi-MOREL.