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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • Copper Harbor Lighthouse Restoration continues at Copper Harbor Lighthouse in Keweenaw County

    The Copper Harbor Lighthouse has been a silent sentinel since 1848. But the Keweenaw Peninsula’s harsh winters and Lake Superior’s severe weather had taken their toll on the original buildings. Despite several improvements since its founding, the lighthouse is in need of restoration.& ...

  • Urban coyote Sharing our space with urban wildlife

    Wildlife is all around us--including in some places you wouldn't expect. We all share the same habitat and are connected as different parts of the same ecosystem, so it's important to be live in harmony with our wild neighbors.

  • Brookie The game warden and the Yellow Drake

    Fly tying in Michigan is a foundation of our state's fishing tradition, and we owe it to a Michigan game warden.

  • Wildflower Bringing nature and history home for Michigan kids

    With Michigan schools closed for the remainder of this school year, and educational recreation venues shut down to help slow the spread of coronavirus, many parents and caregivers are looking for more at-home learning resources. Seeking to fill this gap for educational materials, Michigan Department ...

  • Checking child for fever Collecting Michigan's coronavirus story

    The COVID-19 crisis is an extraordinary, unprecedented time in our state’s history, but not the first time Michigan has faced a major pandemic. To understand how to handle today's public health emergency, we must look to the past.