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    Topics range from fishing and hunting to history and outdoor recreation. This is a weekly feature story sent on Thursday.

  • A commercial fishing operation is shown underway on the waters of Saginaw Bay. Director, divisions set department priorities for 2019

    Recently, DNR Director Dan Eichinger and the chiefs of each DNR division laid out their priorities for 2019.

  • A winter night sky in the Upper Peninsula The power of silence

    Reflections on the quiet of a late winter’s night in the northern Michigan outdoors.

  • Phillip Kurzeja of the DNR checks under the bark of an oak tree for pressure pads Battling oak wilt disease

    Oak trees face a threat from a disease known as oak wilt, caused by a fungus with microscopic spores that can infect and kill a red oak within weeks. Some simple actions can help keep healthy trees from being infected.

  • A historic photo shows campers at Interlochen State Park. Michigan's early state parks development

    Two of Michigan's first state parks were Interlochen, the first park established under the Michigan State Park Commission and the first in the state park system today managed by the DNR, and Mackinac Island, established under the Mackinac Island State Park Commission 25 years earlier.

  • An aerial photo shows stamp sands deposited along the Lake Superior shoreline, south from Gay. Task force making strides toward protecting Buffalo Reef

    The multi-agency Buffalo Reef Task Force is moving forward on several fronts in its efforts to protect the underwater natural reef off the Keweenaw Peninsula from being smothered by migrating copper mine tailings.