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Field Dog Trials

Private Lands Field Dog Trial Application and Permit 
This application and permit is required prior to conducting a field dog trial during the closed season on private land in Michigan. The closed season is April 17th - July 8th.

Field Dog Trial Application and Permit for Designated State-Owned Trial Areas 
This field trial application must be submitted before a permit will be issued for use of any field trial area in the following locations: Ionia Recreation Area, Highland Recreation Area, Holly Recreation Area, Sharonville Game Area, Lapeer Game Area, and Gladwin Field Trial Area.

Frequently Asked Questions On Dog Training 

A field dog trial is a trial or meet advertised as such and open to entry by persons whose dogs qualify, in which no less than four participants, with dogs, are permitted to dog train in competition or contest. Dogs must be awarded points, trophies, or other actual honors for their performance and demonstration of hunting skills.

Live birds legally possessed may be released and taken in the process of the trial when permitted. Firearms with live ammunition may be possessed during the trial, when the field dog trial permit allows the shooting of live birds. Individuals in possession of a firearm with live ammunition must have a base license for the current year.

For more information on field dog trials on State Designated Field Trial Areas, contact Barb Berta, Secretary, Michigan Field Dog Trial Association, 248-770-0164.

For more information on field dog trails on private land contact Wildlife Division Permit Specialist at or 517-284-6210.

Field Trial Note: Training while shooting requires a field trial permit during the closed season. Training and shooting during the open season does not require a field trial permit.  Field trial permits are not usually issued for Lapeer or Sharonville without first getting land manager approval.