• Ski Area Safety Program

    The Ski Area Safety Act, 1962 PA 199, as amended, was created to license and regulate ski areas and ski lifts in Michigan. The Ski Area Safety Act defines ski area as an area used for skiing and served by one or more lifts. Ski lifts are defined as a device for transporting persons uphill on skis, or in cars on tracks, or suspended in the air by use of cables, chains, belts, or ropes, and usually supported by trestles or towers with one or more spans.

    The bureau currently oversees the operation of 53 ski areas with 157 surface and chair lifts and 141 rope tows.

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  • Carnival-Amusement Safety Program

    Carnival-Amusement Safety Program was created under 1966 PA 225, as amended. Each year, division staff perform inspections of traveling shows which operate in Michigan, and amusement parks and other fixed locations with rides, to assure compliance with the Act and the rules promulgated. Michigan has approximately 100 permanent locations of amusement rides and approximately 600 locations where transient carnivals operate.

    The bureau currently oversees the operation of approximately 212 carnival/amusement companies and 889 carnival rides.

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  • Transfer, Sale or Alterations to a Ride
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