MI Prevention Showcase

  • MI Prevention Introduction

    MI Prevention fosters collaborative relationships, implements education programs, and increases community outreach in order to decrease the number of fire deaths, injuries, and property loss in Michigan.

Fire Marshall Video

What's New

  • State Fire Marshal Interview

    State Fire Marshal Talks Fireworks, Summer Safety, MI Prevention

    Watch State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer talk about the new state law on fireworks and what it means, the importance of buying legal, consumer-grade fireworks from registered fireworks retailers, and safety tips when using fireworks. You’ll also learn about MI Prevention, the statewide fire education and prevention program – where thousands of homeowners across Michigan are having smoke alarms and CO detectors installed free of charge by more than 90 fire departments, and how the effort is helping to reduce fire fatalities across the state.

MI Prevention Toolkit Panel

Outreach Toolkit

  • MI Prevention Outreach Toolkit

    The materials in this Outreach Toolkit are for fire departments to use locally to complement their MI Prevention efforts – when talking with the media, to inform parents, solicit partners, and complement statewide advertising and marketing efforts.

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