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Placement of a Resident

There are many residential options available where adults can receive housing, meals, assistance with personal care, supervision and protection.

Why choose a licensed home? 

Licensed adult foster care (AFC) settings and homes for the aged (HFA) must comply with minimum standards (statutes and administrative rules) that establish an acceptable level of care. In addition to regular inspections by licensing staff of all homes, the Bureau of Fire Services conducts inspections of those licensed for seven or more resident placements. Additionally, AFC homes for seven or more are also inspected by local health authorities, while HFA homes are also inspected by Health Facility Engineering Section engineers and sanitarians. Licensing staff also investigate complaints alleging possible violations of statute or rule requirements of licensed AFC's and HFA's.

There are many types of AFC and HFA homes. Before making a decision, it is strongly recommended that you visit the home, talk with the residents and staff, consider the neighborhood, and interview the provider. The following agencies may help you in the selection process: 

Michigan Department of Human Services, Adult Services

Local Area Agencies on Aging

Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Listings of all Michigan AFC and HFA licensed facilities are available by using the Statewide Search for Adult Foster Care/Homes for the Aged Facilities search tool. You may also view recent inspection reports of these facilities. 

When selecting an AFC or a HFA home, it is important that you clearly understand the services proposed or promised to be provided and the cost of those services. You should thoroughly review all documents prior to signing them. The Michigan Campaign for Quality Care has developed a tool to assist you with the selection process: Assisted Living Inquiry Record.