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Nursing Homes

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Choosing a nursing home is an important decision. It is helpful to plan ahead, visit and compare several nursing homes and make good financial plans early. Planning ahead gives you and your family control and can help make sure your loved one will have their needs met and will help assure good quality care.

Checklist for Choosing a Nursing Home

Nursing Home Compare

Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistant Program (MMAP) is a free counseling service for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries and their caregivers for financial matters.

Alternatives to Nursing Homes and Informational Links 

Below are Michigan links to facilities and services that may be used as an alternative to nursing home care.

Home Health Agencies provide home care to persons in need of nursing care but who can still live at home. For information on these federally certified agencies, please call 517-241-3830.

Hospice Agencies and Residences provide hospice care in the homes, or residences, of persons with terminal illnesses. For information on these state licensed and federally certified agencies and facilities, please call 517-241-3830.

Adult Foster Care Facilities and Homes for the Aged provide care to persons not needing the 24 hour nursing care found in nursing homes, yet need monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living and are regulated by the Michigan Department of Human Services.

Additional information and services can also be found at the MISenior website at: MiSenior

Consumers Guide to Long Term Care provides consumers with needed information nursing homes, assisted living/residential care, and other types of long term care.