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Langeland Family Cremation Center Operated in Kalamazoo for Nearly Three Years Without License

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has issued a Notice and Order to Cease and Desist to Langeland Family Cremation Center, Inc., which established and operated an unlicensed crematory facility located at 6628 Tall Oaks Drive in Kalamazoo in 2019. The Order directs the respondent to stop operating until it obtains a crematory license under the Cemetery Regulation Act and to pay a $10,000 administrative fine.

On May 26, 2022, LARA’s Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau (CSCL) determined that the unlicensed crematory facility was open for business and preparing to cremate a dead human body within its possession while it was conducting a routine, prelicensure inspection of a funeral establishment located nearby at 3926 S. 9th Street in Kalamazoo.

"It is imperative that, in addition to obtaining other necessary permits, that a person obtain a registration under the Cemetery Regulation Act before establishing and operating a new crematory facility or obtaining ownership of an existing crematory," said CSCL Director Linda Clegg. "This process ensures crematories are operated in a responsible manner to secure the safety of Michigan residents and the dignity of the deceased." 

The funeral establishment, known as Langeland Family Funeral Homes Westside Chapel, was undergoing the inspection as a result of a change of ownership. The crematory facility was offering both human and pet cremation services. CSCL also determined that Gregory N. Langeland supervised or managed the unlicensed crematory facility when it began operating on August 31, 2019.

Persons intending to establish a new crematory facility or to acquire ownership of an existing crematory facility must first submit an application for a permit to establish it or an application for licensure to the Cemetery Commissioner, housed within CSCL, together with a $1,500 investigation fee. However, no one on behalf of Respondent notified CSCL that it intended to establish or operate a crematory facility to cremate human remains before CSCL’s site visit on May 26, 2022.

Upon notification of its unlicensed status, Langeland Family Cremation Center, Inc. represented to CSCL that it would voluntarily cease operation of the crematory facility. However, CSCL’s investigation into this matter remains ongoing. Once its investigation is completed, CSCL may bring additional charges against the respondent or others under the Occupational Code or Cemetery Regulation Act. The Cemetery Commissioner may, in addition to issuing a cease and desist order, seek injunctive or other relief from the appropriate circuit court to enforce compliance with the Cemetery Regulation Act or take other appropriate action until the respondent and others with a controlling interest in the crematory divest themselves of any interest or control in it, under MCL 456.529(5)(c) and 456.532(4).

In response to a cease and desist order, the respondent may either request a formal administrative hearing within 30 days or the order becomes final by operation of law. Respondents are also generally offered an opportunity to request a formal hearing but first meet with CSCL in an attempt to voluntarily negotiate a settlement of the matter. 

Because this is an ongoing investigation, if you have information relevant to the operation of this crematory facility, please contact CSCL at (517) 241-9221 or by email at Additional information about the regulation of cemeteries under the Act may be found by visiting