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New Website to Help Guide Michigan Business Owners

LANSING, MI - Business owners in Michigan have a new way of ensuring that their businesses are successful, in compliance with state laws and regulations, and protected against business scams and identity theft. 

The Michigan Business Roadmap is a new website in collaboration with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO). This website will serve as a straightforward resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to navigate many of the processes that may seem overwhelming for business owners in Michigan.  

"When someone decides they want to start a business, they are also agreeing to ensure that they comply with important regulations around how businesses operate, including employee rights and protections," said Sean Egan, Deputy Director of Labor at LEO. "To ensure business owners can find, interpret, and access our many resources, the Roadmap will ensure clear entry points for different requirements. This will help businesses enhance workplace safety, avoid violating critical laws and regulations on hours worked, paying employees, and ensure that injured worker protections are in place." 

With both state departments involved, the Roadmap will also inform business owners of the various agencies within LARA and LEO that they may need to interact, register, or file something with on behalf of their business.  

Businesses can also find a sense of security, as the Roadmap provides a list of known scams that may be targeted at businesses, along with cybersecurity resources.  

“The new Roadmap is an essential step in LARA’s mission of protecting people and promoting business,” said LARA Director Marlon Brown. “We’re excited to collaborate with LEO on this project and work with Michigan entrepreneurs, whether they’re just beginning or taking the next step in their business journey.” 

The Michigan Business Roadmap can be accessed at