Public Officials List

Rick Snyder, Governor   Patrick M McPharlin, Director 
Brian Calley, Lt. Governor   Teri Morante, Chief Deputy Director
Richard Posthumus, Chief of Staff   Judy Weaver, Senior Deputy Director
Allison Scott, Executive Director to the Governor    Rhonda Fossit, Senior Deputy Director
Darin Ackerman, Director, Legislative Affairs   Randall S Gregg, Special Deputy Director and General Counsel
Beth Emmitt, Deputy Chief of Staff    
Richard Baird, Transformation Manager    
Tricia Kinley, External Affairs Advisor   LICENSING & REGULATORY AFFAIRS
Harvey Hollins, Director, Office of Urban Initiatives   Shelly Edgerton, Director
John Walsh, Director of Strategy   Al Pohl, Chief Deputy Director 
    Stephanie Comai, Deputy Director
    Mark Long, Workers' Compensation Agency 
AGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPMENT   Occupational Health Standards Commission
Jamie Clover Adams, Director   Public Service Commission
Gordon Wenk Chief Deputy Director   Liquor Control Commission
Ken McFarlane, Deputy Director   Employment Relations Commission
Matthew Blakely, Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs    
Bradley Deacon, Director, Office of Legal Affairs    
Commission of Agriculture & Rural Development   MILITARY & VETERANS AFFAIRS
Grape and Wine Industry Council   Gregory Vadnais, Adjutant General
    Michael A. Stone, Assistant Adjutant General - Installations
Bill Schuette, Attorney General   NATURAL RESOURCES
Rusty Hills   Keith Creagh, Director
    William Moritz, Natural Resources Deputy
    Mark Hoffman, Chief Administrative Officer
    Marc Miller, Regional Initiatives Deputy
    Natural Resources Commission
Agustin V Arbulu, Executive Director   STATE
Colleen Pero, Deputy Director   Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State
Dan Levy, Chief Legal Officer   Mike Senyko, Chief of Staff
Lori Vinson, Director of Civil Rights Operations   Bill Kordenbrock, Chief Legal Counsel
Lee Gonzales, Legislative Liaison   Mike Wartella, Director of Customer Services Administration
Anne Urasky, Director, Division on Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing    
Sharon Ellis, State ADA Compliance Director    
Civil Rights Commission    
CIVIL SERVICE   Kriste Etue, Director
Jan Winters, State Personnel Director   Gary Gorski, Deputy Director
Matthew Fedorchuk, Deputy Director   Shawn Sible, Deputy Director
Civil Service Commission   Richard Arnold, Deputy Director
    Thomas Sands, Deputy Director
Heidi E Washington, Director    TALENT & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
Kenneth McKee, Deputy Director     Roger Curtis, Director
Russ Marlan, Deputy Director   Wanda Stokes, Director of Talent Investment Agency
Jeri-Ann Sherry, Deputy Director   Sammie Lukaskiewicz, Deputy Director
    Jeremy Hendges, Deputy Director
EDUCATION   Earl Poleski, MSHDA Executive Director
Brian J Whiston, State Superintendent   Brian Mills, MSHDA Chief of Staff
Martin Ackley, Director, Office of Public and Governmental Affairs   Stephanie Beckhorn, Director of Workforce Development Agency
Wendy Larvick, Chief of Staff   Michigan State Housing Development Authority Board
Sheila Alles, Chief Deputy Superintendent   Travel Commission
Susan Broman, Deputy Superintendent   Strategic Fund Board
Kyle Guerrant, Deputy Superintendent    
Venessa Kessler, Deputy Superintendent  
    John Roberts, State Budget Director
State Board of Education   Nancy Duncan, Deputy Budget Director
State Tenure Commission   Phillip Jeffery, Chief Financial Officer
    Phil Stoddard, Retirement Services
ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY   Jeff Brownlee, Procurement Director
C. Heidi Grether, Director   David Behen, Director CIO
Jon Allan, Director, Office of the Great Lakes   Brom Stibitz, Chief Deputy Director
Michael McClellan, Environment Deputy Director   Rodney Davenport, Chief Technology Officer
Amy Epkey, Administrative Deputy Director   James McFarlane, Customer Service
Maggie Pallone, External Relations Deputy Director   Eric Swanson, Center for Shared Solutions
    Orlene Hawks, Office of Children's Ombudsman
HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES   Marie Waalkes, Office of the State Employer
Nick Lyon, Director   Natasha Baker, School Reform Office
Tim Becker, Chief Deputy Director   Michael Turnquist, Facilities & Business Services
Terry Beurer    
Farah Hanley   State Administrative Board
Bill Hardiman    
Elizabeth Hertel    
Kurt Krause    
Matt Lori   Kirk T. Steudle, Director
Sue Moran   Michigan State Transportation Commission
Karen Parker   Michigan Aeronautics Commission
Kari Sederberg    
Kathy Stiffler   TREASURY
Dr. Eden Wells   Nick Khouri, State Treasurer
Steve Yager   Joseph Fielek, Chief Deputy Treasurer
Lynda Zeller   Jon Braeutigam, Deputy Treasurer
Nancy Vreibel   Gregory Gursky, Deputy Treasurer
Richard Kline   Eric Scorsone, Deputy Treasurer
Chris Priest   Glenn White, Deputy Treasurer
    Howard Ryan, Director of Legislative Affairs
Certificate of Need Commissioners    Ken Osborne, Legislative Liaison
    M. Scott Bowen, Director of Lottery
    Investment Advisory Committee
    Michigan Finance Authority
    Gaming Control Board
    Education Trust Board
    State Tax Commission
    State Building Authority
     Updated 11/2017