fat tire biking
  • Just when you think the mountain biking season has ended, the snow falls and fat-tire biking opens up a world of winter adventure! With some of the best fat-tire trails in the country, thanks to the dedication of volunteers statewide, this uber-trending sport is great for anyone who can ride a bike (or wants to learn how). 

    Fat-tire bike rentals

    No matter where you’re going, chances are good that there is a local bike shop near the fat-tire trails offering winter rentals. Just be sure to call ahead for availability. Rentals are also available on Belle Isle in Detroit.

    Trail etiquette

    • Only use trails with 6 or more inches of snow.
    • Do not use trails if it’s over 30 degrees, as that can quickly turn to mud, damaging the base trail.
    • Make sure fat tires are at least 3.7 inches wide and inflated to no more than 4 psi.
    • At the trailhead, check to see whether the trail is one-way or two-way.
    • On two-way trails, stay to the right when approaching traffic.
    • Keep dogs on a 6-foot leash and clean up after them (no one wants to ride through dog waste that was unseen by covered snow).

    Make sure you have the right gear, and plan ahead for the weather. Get tips on how to dress, but if you aren’t quite ready to invest in cold weather gear, consider renting a winter weather kit from Arrive Outdoors, our latest These Goods are Good for Michigan partner.

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  • Location Miles Groomed
    Holly Recreation Area 5
    Bald Mountain Recreation Area 7
    Pinckney Recreation Area 5
    Yankee Springs Recreation Area  
    Vasa Pathway 9
    Cadillac Pathway 11
    Betsie River Pathway 9
    Waterloo Recreation Area 8
    Bass River Recreation Area 6