• Michigan conservation officers (COs) are among the most highly trained and well-equipped law enforcement officers in the nation. The conservation officer academy trains prospective COs for more than 20 weeks. Graduates then become probationary COs and must complete 18 additional weeks of field training, followed by four to five weeks of specialized training. 

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2018 Recruit School Blog

  • orv obstacle-recruit-November 2018 CO Training Academy: Week 17 - Nov. 4-9

    Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy recruits returned to Camp Grayling for off-road vehicle training during week 17. It was the third and final trip the recruits would take to Camp Grayling before graduation Dec. 21.

  • harvest gathering-recruits CO Training Academy: Week 16 - Oct. 28-Nov. 2

    Recruit School 9 of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy started week 16 by bringing food donations for communities across Michigan. The 24 recruits collected more than 1,300 non-perishable food items to contribute to the Michigan Harvest Gathering.

  • physical training-recruits-October 2018-1 CO Training Academy: Week 15 - Oct. 21-26

    During week 15, recruits learned about domestic violence law and traffic crash investigations and procedures – situations that can be emotionally and physically taxing for any law enforcement officer.

  • pistol-target CO Training Academy: Week 14 - Oct. 14-18

    The recruits learned a variety of survival and emergency responder skills that they will use as conservation officers, demonstrating their new skills in remote and difficult environments.

  • taser-practice-recruits CO Training Academy: Week 13 - Oct. 7-12

    During week 13 recruits learned about emergency preparedness, Taser handling, tactical operations and suspect interview techniques.

  • fish id-recruits-september 2018 CO Training Academy: Week 12 - Sept. 30-Oct. 5

    The recruits spent every afternoon of week 12 learning how to properly identify all of Michigan’s fish species.

  • recruits, pepper spray, outside CO Training Academy: Week 11 - Sept. 23-28

    Week 11 marked the halfway point of the 23-week Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy. 

  • active shooter, backyard, recruit CO Training Academy: Week 10 - Sept. 16-21

    Recruit School 9 of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy spent week 10 learning first aid and completing related scenarios.

  • camp grayling-september 2018-2 CO Training Academy: Week 9 - Sept. 9-14

    On Sunday, 24 recruits reported to Camp Grayling for week nine of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy.

  • Drive 2-September 2018 CO Training Academy: Week 8 - Sept. 4-7

    Week eight of the Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Training Academy started with a 6-mile run – recruits had a day to make up in their agenda due to the Labor Day holiday.

  • search warrant CO Training Academy: Week 7 - Aug. 26-31

    Recruit School #9 began wearing duty belts as part of their uniform during week seven of the Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Training Academy. The duty belt is an essential part of a conservation officer’s uniform – adding 15-20 pounds of equipment. Incorporating the duty belt now will enhance a recruit’s ability to dress and respond promptly to situations as a conservation officer.

  • fish license CO Training Academy: Week 6 - Aug. 19-24

    After two weeks of performance training, Recruit School #9 returned to the classroom for week six of the Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Academy.

  • patrol trucks CO Training Academy: Week 5 - Aug. 12-17

    During week five of the Conservation Officer Training Academy, Recruit School #9 would learn Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) and Emergency Vehicle Maneuvers (EVM) – skills necessary to avoid vehicle impacts and collisions.

  • recruit-submerged vehicle CO Training Academy: Week 4 - Aug. 5-10

    Week four of Recruit School #9 included water safety – some of the most difficult testing recruits endure during the Conservation Officer Recruit Academy.

  • subject control CO Training Academy: Week 3 - July 29-Aug. 3

    The members of Conservation Officer Training Academy Recruit School #9 wasted no time preparing their rooms and uniforms for inspection Sunday evening. Recruits are learning to efficiently use every second to meet demands of the academy – balancing legal and survival tactic studies, assigned work detail, physical fitness and more.

  • patrol vehicle, recruits CO Training Academy: Week 2 - July 22-27

    Continuing to perfect the 5 a.m. wakeup call followed by physical fitness and room inspections, recruits spent the first three days of the week in legal training with David Greydanus, retired Michigan State Police inspector. Inspector Greydanus gave a review of court functions and legal terminology from the previous week before introducing crimes against property.

  • lineup, recruits, academy CO Training Academy: Week 1 - July 15-20

    Anxiety was a common feeling among the eight women and 22 men lined up in formation outside the Michigan State Police Training Academy in Lansing Sunday, July 15, ready to begin a 23-week journey toward becoming Department of Natural Resources conservation officers.

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