Trademark, Service Marks and Insignia

  • What is an Insignia?

    Any association, lodge, order, fraternal society, beneficial association, or fraternal and beneficial society or association, historical military or veteran's organization, labor union, foundation, federation, or any other auxiliary thereof, whether incorporated or unincorporated may register in the office of the administrator, a facsimile, duplicate, or description of its name, badge, button, decoration, charm, emblem, rosette, or other insignia, and may by reregistration, alter or cancel the same.

  • What is a trademark, service mark and a trade name?

    The distinctions between a trademark, service mark and trade name are important in understanding the functions each serves.

  • What function does a mark serve?

    A trademark serves primarily to distinguish one producer's goods or products from similar goods produced by another.

  • What act governs Michigan mark registration? In Michigan, mark registration is governed by the Trademarks and Service Marks Act, 1969 P.A. 242 as amended. The Michigan Act is modeled after the federal law governing trademarks (The Lanham Act).
  • Trademark, Service Mark & Insignia Forms