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P.U.R.E. Pressure Boxing LLC Suspended for Promoting Unsanctioned Professional Boxing Event in Benton Harbor

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has issued an Order of Summary Suspension against P.U.R.E. Pressure Boxing LLC and its resident agent, Ben D. Williams Jr., effective May 24, 2022, after an investigation into allegations that P.U.R.E. Pressure Boxing held an unapproved professional boxing event. As a result, they can no longer promote boxing or other unarmed combat events in the state of Michigan.

LARA investigators determined that on May 7, 2022, P.U.R.E. Pressure Boxing knowingly and intentionally promoted an event involving at least 12 contestants at Orchard’s Mall (1800 Pipestone, Benton Harbor, MI) without the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission’s approval. Under Michigan law, professional boxing events must be sanctioned by the Commission.

LARA informed Williams on May 6, 2022 that his organization had not submitted documentation necessary to determine each contestants’ fitness to compete and cancelled the May 7 event.  Nonetheless, the event took place without the presence of an inspector.

“Unapproved events endanger fighters and are unacceptable,” said Donald Weatherspoon, Chairman of the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission. “It is essential for both the safety of participants and the integrity of the sport that fighters undergo the required medical examinations before they step into the ring.”

In response to an Order of Summary Suspension, a respondent may petition the Commission, via LARA, to dissolve the Order. In response to the petition, the Commission may either deny the request, grant it, or immediately schedule a formal hearing before an administrative law judge to decide whether to grant or deny the request to dissolve the Order.

The Commission’s investigation into this matter remains ongoing. Once its investigation is completed, the Commission may issue a formal complaint or notice and order to cease and desist alleging additional violations of the Act and its associated administrative rules. Because this is an ongoing investigation, if you have information relevant to this professional boxing event or general questions about the regulation of unarmed combat, please contact LARA’s Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau, which provides administrative support to the Commission, at (517) 241-9221 or by email at