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CRA Takes Disciplinary Action Against Licensees in Iron Mountain, Grand Rapids, Gaylord, Bangor, Chesaning, Rogers City, Lowell, Manistee, Bay City, Detroit, LeRoy, Lansing, and Flint

Administrative formal complaints and disciplinary actions taken against adult-use/medical licensees in March are now available for review in the Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s March 2023 Disciplinary Action Report. In addition, the stipulation agreement and consent order between the CRA and GC Flint is available below.

March 2023 Disciplinary Actions

  • Iron Mountain - First Property Holdings, LLC dba Rize for non-compliant sales (link)
  • Grand Rapids - Green Skies - Healing Tree, LLC dba 3Fifteen for METRC non-compliance, general operational issues (link)
  • Gaylord - Oak Flint, LLC dba Cloud Cannabis Company for packaging & advertising (link)
  • Bangor - PM Growers, LLC for METRC non-compliance (link)
  • Chesaning - The Releaf Center, LLC dba Releaf Center for Compassionate Care Chesaning for general operational issues (link)
  • Rogers City/Lowell/Manistee - MEDS CAFÉ LLC dba Meds Café for METRC non-compliance (link, link)
  • Bay City - THERAPEUTIC HEALTH CHOICES, LLC for surveillance/security, METRC non-compliance, misc. employee issues (link)
  • Detroit - 420 Relief, LLC dbas Flower Bowl Corktown & Corktown Collective for AFS non-Compliance, Surveillance / Security (link, link, link, link)
  • LeRoy - Cannrose, Inc. for AFS non-compliance (link)
  • Lansing - CSHM Services, LLC for surveillance/security (link)
  • Flint - GC Flint, LLC dba Green Culture for non-compliant sales, METRC non-compliance, packaging & advertising, sampling & testing (link)

Stipulation Agreement and Consent Order with GC Flint

On November 15, 2022, the CRA issued formal complaints against the medical marijuana provisioning center and the adult-use retailer licenses of GC Flint, LLC dba Green Culture and issued orders of summary suspension against each license. On March 20, 2023, to resolve the formal complaints, the CRA entered into a stipulation agreement and consent order with GC Flint. Under the terms of the agreement, GC Flint must serve a minimum six-month suspension with credit for the time the licenses have been summarily suspended.

In addition, the CRA will pursue adding specific individuals and/or supplemental applicants to the new exclusion list in accordance with Administrative Rule 420.704a. The agency has the burden of proving, by a preponderance of the evidence, that sufficient grounds exist for the intended action to exclude an individual from being employed by or being a supplemental applicant of a marijuana business.

The GC Flint licenses will be reinstated when the CRA receives, and issues written approval, of the following:

  • Confirmation that change of ownership applications have been submitted and approved by the CRA to reflect any changes in ownership interest or managerial control in the GC Flint Iicenses or any other licenses in which MJCC dba Jars Cannabis, Jars Ventures 5, LLC, or Jars Holding LLC, is a supplemental applicant or licensee since November 15, 2022.
  • Confirmation that Respondent has employed all new management since November 15, 2022.
  • Destruction of all untagged caregiver product in the presence of – and verified by – a CRA employee.
  • Comprehensive updated standard operating procedures.

    Upon reinstatement, the licenses will be restricted for six months and subject to the following restrictions and conditions:


  • Licensee will conduct an inventory audit and email the results and corresponding point-of-sale system data to the CRA each month.
  • Licensee will verify and record on a daily Iog that its video surveillance system is working and that video for the preceding 30 days is in its possession. Licensee will email the log to the CRA each month.
  • Licensee will pay a fine in the amount of $100,000 within 60 days.

Further details are available in the stipulation agreement and consent order document.

Disciplinary Action Report

Click here for more information regarding Disciplinary Action Reports.

The disciplinary actions taken against CRA licensees may be viewed in the public-facing database for CRA licensees.


To view disciplinary documents:

  • Click the “Find a Cannabis Business in our Database” button on the front page of the CRA website.
  • On the landing page, determine the type of license – adult-use or medical – and click the appropriate link.
  • Search for the business and then click the licensee’s link to see their landing page in the CRA database; all publicly available disciplinary documents will be linked at the bottom of the record.
Members of the public may submit their complaints online via the updated complaint submission process. The Citizens’ Guide to Filing a Complaint is available on the CRA website and walks the complainant through the simple and easy process to file an online complaint with the CRA.

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