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CRA Takes Disciplinary Action Against Licensees throughout the State

Administrative formal complaints and disciplinary actions taken against adult-use/medical licensees in July are now available for review in the Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s July 2023 Disciplinary Action Report.

This month’s disciplinary actions:


All Green Transport, LLC, AU-ST-000102 (AFS Non-Compliance)

All Green Transport, LLC, ST-000030 (AFS Non-Compliance)

All Green Transport, LLC, ST-000030 (2) (AFS Non-Compliance)



BERRY GREEN MANAGEMENT, INC, AU-P-000161 (Packaging & Advertising)

DVNK Lapeer, Inc dba Consume, PC-000274 (Packaging & Advertising)


Arlington Township

Candid, Inc, AU-G-C-000464 (Surveillance/Security)



City Farm Warren, LLC, GR-C-000476, GR-C-000562, GR-C-000671 & GR-C-000670 (AFS Non-Compliance)



CLDD, LLC, AU-R-000214 (Packaging and Advertising)

CLDD, LLC, PC-000077 (Packaging and Advertising)

CLDD, LLC, PR-000027 (Packaging and Advertising)

CLDD, LLC, PR-000027 (2) (Metrc non-compliance)

Pegasus Green, LLC, GR-C-000474 (Sampling & Testing)

Pegasus Green, LLC, GR-C-000474 (2) (Misc. Employee Issues)



EPS I, LLC, PR-000138 (AFS Non-Compliance)



First Class, Inc, PC-000465 (AFS Non-Compliance)

First Class, Inc, dba First Class Cannabis Co, AU-R-000320 (AFS Non-Compliance)

HG Lansing, LLC, AU-G-C-000133 (Misc. Employee Issues; Metrc Non-Compliance)

Lion Labs, Ltd, AU-P-000113 (AFS Non-Compliance)



Fluresh, LLC, AU-P-000124 (Packaging & Advertising; Metrc Non-Compliance)


Morenci, Detroit, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, and Lansing

FPAW Michigan, LLC dba Ascend Cannabis Group, PC-000318, PC-000390, PC-000391, PC-000503 & PR-000171 (AFS Non-Compliance)



G2 Developments of Michigan, LLC dba 7Engines, PC-000477 (Failure to Report Material Changes – Legal Entity)


Bangor, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Battle Creek

GR Vending MI, LLC dba Curaleaf, PC-000191, PC-000265, PC-000354 & PC-000355 (AFS Non-Compliance)



Green Labs, LLC, GR-C-000099 & PR-000151 (AFS Non-Compliance)



J L Durk, LLC, GR-A-000075 (AFS Non-Compliance)



Jabbs, LLC dba Green Tree Relief, AU-R-000163 (Surveillance/Security)

Jabbs, LLC dba Green Tree Relief, PC-000225 (Surveillance/Security)



MARIOGIBSON, LLC, AU-R-000108 V (AFS Non-Compliance)


River Rouge

Mid Ventures, LLC dba Greencare Provisioning Center, PC-000379 (Metrc Non-Compliance)

Mid Ventures, LLC dba Greencare Provisioning Center, PC-000379 (2) (AFS Non-Compliance)

Mid Ventures, LLC, AU-R-000220 (AFS Non-Compliance)

Mid Ventures, LLC, PC-000379 (Non-Compliant Sales)

Royal Highness PC2, LLC, PC-000423 (AFS Non-Compliance)

Royal Highness, LLC dba Herbology Cannabis Co, AU-R-000126 (AFS Non-Compliance)



MK Group MI, LLC, AU-R-000542 (Packaging & Advertising)

MK Group MI, LLC, PC-000651 (Packaging & Advertising)


Marshall, Hazel Park, Battle Creek, Detroit, and Flint

MPM-C Marshall, LLC dba Common Citizen, GR-C-000028, GR-C-000029, GR-C-000030, GR-C-00031, GR-C-000615, GR-C-000616, GR-C-000699 & GR-C-000700 (AFS Non-Compliance)

MPM-P Hazel Park, LLC dba Common Citizen, AU-P-000123 & AU-P-000142 (AFS Non-Compliance)

MPM-R Battle Creek, LLC dba LIV Cannabis, PC-000053 (AFS Non-Compliance)

MPM-R Detroit, LLC dba Common Citizen, PC-000322 (AFS Non-Compliance)

MPM-R Flint, LLC dba Common Citizen, PC-000052 (AFS Non-Compliance)


Rogers City

MSRA Enterprises, LLC dba Meds Cafe, PC-000238 (AFS Non-Compliance)


Ann Arbor

Om of Medicine, LLC dba Mission Ann Arbor, AU-R-000133 (AFS Non-Compliance)


Center Line

REVOLUTION STRAINS, INC, AU-R-000390 (Non-Compliant Sales)

REVOLUTION STRAINS, INC, PC-000454 (Non-Compliant Sales)



The Green Door Bangor, Inc, AU-R-000165 (AFS Non-Compliance)



The Releaf Center of Niles, LLC, AU-R-000152 (AFS Non-Compliance)

Trimed Sustainable Solution, LLC, GR-C-000205 (AFS Non-Compliance)

Trimed Sustainable Solution, LLC, GR-C-000205 (2) (AFS Non-Compliance)



The Releaf Center, LLC dba Releaf Center for Compassionate Care Chesaning, AU-R-000136 (AFS Non-Compliance)


Niles and Chesaning

Trimed Sustainable Solution, LLC, AU‐G‐C‐000116, AU‐G‐C‐000167, AU‐G‐C‐000168 (AFS Non-Compliance)


Jackson and Ann Arbor

TheCalmic, LLC, AU-G-C-000154 & AU-R-000351 (AFS Non-Compliance)



T-REX 1 CORP. dba UBaked, AU-G-C-000178 (Misc. Employee Issues)


Click here for more information regarding Disciplinary Action Reports.

The disciplinary actions taken against CRA licensees may be viewed in the public-facing database for CRA licensees.

To view disciplinary documents:

  • Click the “Find a Cannabis Business in our Database” button on the front page of the CRA website.
  • On the landing page, determine the type of license – adult-use or medical – and click the appropriate link.
  • Search for the business and then click the licensee’s link to see their landing page in the CRA database; all publicly available disciplinary documents will be linked at the bottom of the record.


Members of the public may submit their complaints online via the updated complaint submission process. The Citizens’ Guide to Filing a Complaint is available on the CRA website and walks the complainant through the simple and easy process to file an online complaint with the CRA.

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