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Cannabis Regulatory Agency Takes Disciplinary Action Against Licensees throughout the State

April 11, 2024 – Administrative formal complaints and disciplinary actions taken against adult-use/medical licensees in March are now available for review in the Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s March 2024 Disciplinary Action Report.

This month’s disciplinary actions:

Bay City

3389 S Hurons, LLC dba Elite Wellness, PC-000031 (1) (Non-compliant sales, METRC non-compliance)

3389 S Hurons, LLC dba Elite Wellness, PC-000031 (2) (Non-compliant sales, surveillance/security)

3389 S Hurons, LLC dba Elite Wellness, PC-000031 (General operational issues)

Bullit Properties, LLC dba Bullit + Budz, GR-B-000014 (Surveillance/security)


Mt. Pleasant

3967 Euclid, LLC dba Jar Cannabis, PC-000247 (General operational issues, METRC non-compliance)



Amazing Budz, LLC, AU-R-000225 (Packaging and advertising)


Walled Lake

Apex Ultra Worldwide, LLC dba Bazonzoes, PC-000586 (METRC non-compliance, non-compliant sales)



BEE KIND, LLC dba Deluxx Cannabis Co, AU-G-C-000485 (Sampling and testing)


River Rouge

R-PTN River Rouge, LLC dba 1st Quality Meds, PC-000032 (AFS non-compliance)

Mid Ventures, LLC dba Greencare Provisioning Center, AU-R-000220, PC-000379 (Failure to report material changes - physical location/operations)



19533 West Warren, Inc dba THC Detroit, PC-000024 (General operational issues, METRC non-compliance)


Benton Harbor

NOBO Michigan, LLC dba NOBO, AU-P-000179 (METRC non-compliance, sampling and testing)

NOBO Michigan, LLC dba NOBO, AU-R-000523 (METRC non-compliance)



NOBO Michigan, LLC dba NOBO, AU-R-000369 (METRC non-compliance)



Northeast Alternatives, Inc dba Sapura, AU-R-000957 (Packaging and advertising)

Sunrise Mountain Manufacturing, LLC, AU-G-C-000339, AU-G-C-000630 (Non-compliant waste disposal)

TAS Asset Holdings, LLC, AU-P-000251 (METRC non-compliance, sampling and testing)

TAS Asset Holdings, LLC, PR-000267 (Failure to report material changes - legal entity, failure to report material changes - physical location/operations, general operational issues, METRC non-compliance, misc reporting issues, non-compliant sales)


Orion Township

Remedi, LLC, AU-R-000910 (METRC non-compliance)



Med Farm of Michigan, LLC dba Fello Cannabis, AU-G-C-000276 (Non-compliant transfers between marijuana businesses)


Click here for more information regarding Disciplinary Action Reports.

The disciplinary actions taken against CRA licensees may be viewed in the public-facing database for CRA licensees.

To view disciplinary documents:

  • Click the “Find a Cannabis Business in our Database” button on the front page of the CRA website.
  • On the landing page, determine the type of license – adult-use or medical – and click the appropriate link.
  • Search for the business and then click the licensee’s link to see their landing page in the CRA database; all publicly available disciplinary documents will be linked at the bottom of the record.

Members of the public may submit their complaints online via the updated complaint submission process. The Citizens’ Guide to Filing a Complaint is available on the CRA website and walks the complainant through the simple and easy process to file an online complaint with the CRA.

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