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  • Residents, visitors, and businesses use commercial service and general aviation flights daily to transport people, goods, and services in, out, and around the state. Law enforcement, medical transporters, emergency responders, agricultural sprayers, and others also use aviation to conduct their operations.

    One of Michigan’s largest industries, tourism, is supported by commercial and general aviation. Commercial service and GA airports contribute to the access needed for tourists to reach their destinations.

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Airport Directory

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    Aeronautics publishes an Aeronautical Chart and Airport Directory each spring. Charts and directories are available for purchase year round at the Michigan eStore. The MiAirports app is available for free on all Android and Apple devices.

    Chart: If you are a pilot and would like to be added to the complementary chart mailing list, you must sign up using our electronic mailing list below.

    Directory: If you own an aircraft, have a valid State of Michigan aircraft registration, and indicated on the registration form that you would like a copy of the directory, one will be sent to you automatically.

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