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An MDOT Grand Region engineer takes measurements in a work zone.
Department of Transportation


Build Your Future with MDOT

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) employs a diverse group of talented and innovative individuals in a wide variety of professions, including engineering, finance, administration, business, maintenance, and more.

MDOT is dedicated to training, mentoring, and creating awareness of transportation career opportunities for young people through student development programs for middle, high school, and college students. Additionally, our Veteran Internship Program meets the employment needs of honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces as they transition into the civilian workforce.

Career questions? Contact MDOT's Office of Human Resources at 517-335-2683.

Elementary - High School Programs

Transportation and Civil Engineering Program (TRAC)

TRAC engages high school and middle school students in solving real-world problems, such as designing bridges or analyzing the environmental effects of building a highway.

TRAC Internship

The TRAC Internship is an extension of the TRAC Program and is designed to provide opportunities for 12th grade students interested in transportation and engineering careers.

Youth Development & Mentoring Program (YDMP)

YDMP provides participants with opportunities to pursue higher education, personal growth, and exposure to transportation careers.

Engineering Week

Engineering Week videos and lesson plans are all-inclusive resources to show early elementary to high school students the career of civil engineering at MDOT.

Internship & Recruitment Programs

Internship Program

The Internship Program offers undergraduate and graduate students interested in civil engineering and construction management careers, valuable experience by working with professional field staff.

Transportation Diversity Recruitment Program (TDRP)

The HBCU TDRP is a unique partnership between MDOT and Michigan colleges and universities to offer on-the-job training to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in engineering or transportation-related careers.

Veterans Internship Program

The Veteran Internship Program assists honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces as they transition into the civilian workforce.