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A contractor is surveying work in MDOT right of way.
Department of Transportation


Local Government Agency Projects
Local governmental agencies regularly require access to State highway Right-of-Way during construction of federal or state funded projects and other locally funded projects.  These projects are located directly on, or intersect with State highway Right-of-Way, or require State highway Right-of-Way for detours or construction signing.

If a permitted project is not let and completed within the permitted timeframe the permit becomes invalid unless an extension is granted.

Since the Certificate of Insurance and surety documents may not be required in the local construction contract, MDOT shall ensure that these two legal instruments are obtained prior to issuing a permit.  When a local governmental agency submits a construction permit application, typically no contractor has been selected yet.  Since the Certificate of Insurance or the construction surety may not be obtained from a not-yet-named-contractor, the permit applicant shall be the local governmental agency.  Applicants must submit an individual permit application package through the Construction Permit System (CPS).

The following shall be included, if applicable: 

  • Detour routes
  • Sign postings
  • Permitted construction operational days and hours
  • Other appropriate regulatory documentation or stipulations
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Performance bond

A fee may be required if the local governmental agency is working outside their jurisdictional boundary.

Local Area Permit Contacts - 
Permits and information can be obtained by contacting the appropriate MDOT regional Transportation Service Center.