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Partners in Research

M-20 bridge construction in Midland. Beam placement
Department of Transportation

Partners in Research

Research Administration wants to highlight the diverse group of universities, consultant groups, and transportation leaders who have recently completed, are currently working, or have interest in MDOT research partners with our office. This page is intended to be a resource for public and private transportation stakeholders interested in our research partners and their specific expertise’s. 

If you are interested in being included in the Partners in Research Page, please complete the survey

Profile picture of Ahmed Al-Bayati

Ahmed Al-Bayati

Lawrence Technological University 

Professor and Director of Construction Safety Research Center 

Areas of Expertise:
Construction Safety & Underground Utilities & Construction Quality

Website for Ahmed Al-Bayati

Profile picture of Colin Neil Brooks

Colin Neil Brooks

Michigan Technological University, Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)

Senior Research Scientist
(734) 604-4196

Areas of Expertise: 
Implementing advanced inspection and monitoring technologies to help with infrastructure inspection.

Website for Colin Neil Brooks

Profile picture of Tyler Dawson

Tyler Dawson, Ph.D., P.E.

NTH Consultants, Ltd.  

Principal Engineer

Areas of Expertise:
Geotechnical; Subsurface Utility; Structure Assessment & Rehabilitation; Pavement Design/Management

Website for Tyler Dawson


Profile picture of Utpal Dutta

Utpal Dutta

University of Detroit Mercy

Professor/Chair: Civil Architectural & Environmental Engineering Dept.  
(313) 993-1040

Areas of Expertise: 
Traffic Safety,  Public Transit, TOD, Pavement design

Website for Utpal Dutta

Profile picture of David Eby

David W. Eby

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Research Professor
(734) 763-8107

Areas of Expertise:
Aging and mobility, Traffic Safety

Website for David W. Eby

Profile picture of Timothy Gates

Timothy Gates

Michigan State University

(517) 353-7224

Areas of Expertise:
Traffic safety, driver behavior, traffic control devices, speed limits, speed management, work zone

Website for Timothy Gates

Profile picture Jim Gaus

Jim Gaus

Michigan Department of Transportation

Occupational Safety Specialist 
(517) 719-4071

Areas of Expertise:
Worker Safety and Health

Website for Jim Gaus

Profile picture of Chris Gilbertson

Chris Gilbertson

Michigan Technological University

Associate Director of Center for Technology & Training
906) 487-2102

Areas of Expertise:
Bridge design, load rating, and the asset management of transportation infrastructure.

Website for Chris Gilbertson

Library Road Sign

Amanda Good

Kimley-Horn of Michigan

Project Manager 
(919) 653-5849

Areas of Expertise:
Operations, Incident Management, Video Analytics, CV/AV, Emerging Technologies, Transit

Website for Amanda Good

Profile picture of Syed Wagar Haider

Syed Waqar Haider

Michigan State University

Associate Professor 
(517) 353-9782

Areas of Expertise:
Pavement design, management and preservation

Website for Syed Waqar Haider

Profile picture of Brent Hollday

Brent Hollady

Road Commission Oakland County

Signals Inspector/ITS
(248) 303-9030

Areas of Expertise:
Traffic Operations Center, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Wireless connectivity CCTV, Detection 

Website for Brent Hollady

Profile photo of Steven Lavrenz

Steven Lavrenz

Wayne State University  

Assistant Professor
(313) 577-2086

Areas of Expertise:
Vision Zero and Safe Systems, vulnerable roadway users, intelligent transportation systems

Website for Steven Lavrenz

Library Road Sign

Nizar Lajnef

Michigan State University

(517) 353-8883

Areas of Expertise:
Intelligent transportation, Infrastructure monitoring 

Website for Nizar Lajnef

Profile picture of Hexa Liu

Hexu Liu

Western Michigan University 

Assistant Professor
(269) 330-4240

Areas of Expertise:
Cost management,  project digital delivery, BIM

Website for Hexu Liu

Profile picture of Rohan Perera

Rohan Perera


Senior Consultant
734) 454-9900

Areas of Expertise:
FWD Data Collection and Analysis, Pavement Smoothness and Texture, Pavement Design and Management

Website for Rohan Perera

Profile picture of Peter Savolainen

Peter Savolainen

Michigan State University

MSU Foundation Professor
(517) 432-1825

Areas of Expertise: 
Transportation safety

Website for Peter Savolainen

Profile picture of Thomas Sereseroz

Thomas D. Sereseroz

RS Engineering, LLC.

(517) 253-0525

Areas of Expertise: 
Structural Engineering, Load Rating, Bridge Design

Website for Thomas D. Sereseroz

Profile picture of David Watkins

David Watkins

Michigan Technological University

(906) 487-1640

Areas of Expertise:
Water resources engineering, hydrologic modeling, flood risk management, hydroclimatic prediction

Website for David Watkins

Profile picture Zhanping You

Zhanping You

Michigan Technological University

(906) 487-1059

Areas of Expertise:
Pavements, Materials 

Website for Zhanping You

Profile picture of Ali Zockaie

Ali Zockaie

Michigan State University

Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise:
Traffic Operation & Management, Sustainable Mobility, Transportation Planning, Emerging technologies

Website for Ali Zockaie

Page last updated: 09/07/2022