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LAP Construction

Overhead view of asphalt paving.
Department of Transportation

LAP Construction

MDOT’s Local Agency Program (LAP) vision is to assist local agencies with preserving state and federal aid in a fair and consistent manner and to serve as an information resource. Per Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 635.105(a), MDOT is responsible for all federal aid highway projects developed and delivered in Michigan.

To achieve this, MDOT assigns LAP Designated Representatives from the Transportation Service Centers to every LAP project. MDOT’s Local Agency Construction Engineer provides program guidance, promotes statewide alignment, and develops training for designated representatives and local agencies to achieve compliance requirements and preserve aid.

Survey Results: MDOT Construction Oversight Consistency & Alignment

Local Agency Construction Engineer
Theresa Eilers, Engineer

Mike McInerney, 517-335-2997
Stu Laakso, 517-373-0541

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