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Carbon Reduction

Several vehicles sitting in traffic with exhaust coming from their tailpipes.
Department of Transportation

Carbon Reduction

The purpose of this carbon reduction strategy is to identify and evaluate initiatives to reduce carbon emissions generated from the transportation sector in the state of Michigan, an important step in fighting climate change.

The strategy focuses on three areas:

  1. Use of Systems (e.g., vehicle tailpipe emissions)
  2. Capital Projects (e.g., carbon emissions of infrastructure construction)
  3. Roadway Maintenance

Reducing transportation sector carbon emissions is needed to improve the state of the environment, improve public health, and improve the resilience of the Michigan economy. This carbon reduction strategy can be used to support metropolitan and regional planning organizations in their carbon reduction planning efforts and serve as an educational tool for the public to understand efforts to reduce transportation sector carbon emissions.

We Want Your Feedback

MDOT is seeking feedback on the department's carbon reduction strategy. Please review the strategy and provide your comments and suggestions on this important topic.

Carbon Reduction Strategy 
(Pending FHWA approval.)

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