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Report Potholes

MDOT maintenance crews fill potholes with asphalt.
Department of Transportation

Report Potholes

Potholes are created when snow and ice melt as part of Michigan's seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. When moisture seeps into the pavement and freezes, it causes the ground to expand and push the pavement up creating a gap. As temperatures rise, the ground returns to normal level creating a void or gap between the pavement and ground below it. When vehicles drive over the gap, the pavement weakens leading to a pothole.

Report potholes on state trunklines (M, I, or US routes) by filling out the online form or call 888-296-4546.
To report other potholes, contact your county road commission or local municipality.

For everyone's safety, please remember to slow down near pothole patching crews.

Report a Pothole

All form fields are required unless labeled as optional.

Reporting a pothole is not equivalent to submitting a claim for damages. If you believe your vehicle has been damaged on a state trunkline, see our online damage claim procedure and form.

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