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Roundabout Construction
Department of Transportation


Construction includes topics such as contract administration, technical and forensic pavement investigations, work zone administration, contract language development, pavement life cycle cost analysis, soil erosion and sedimentation, and numerous other topics related to work within the public right-of-way.

Standard Specifications & Publications

The MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction is the standard for the basic requirements governing the materials, equipment, and methods used in construction contracts administered by the Michigan Department of Transportation.


Construction Manual

Developed and maintained by MDOT's Bureau of Field Services, this manual provides guidance to administrative, engineering, and technical staff.


MDOT Business Forms

Need an official MDOT construction form to do business? The forms available here are for external customers as well as MDOT personnel.

Construction Scene

Construction Operations

MDOT provides guidance, assistance and administrative services to businesses involved in construction.

Construction Operations
Construction on I-96 from US-23 to Kensington

Pavement Operations

MDOT provides expertise in pavement management, including design, type selection, and performance trends for specific fix types.

Pavement Operations
Overhead view of asphalt paving.

LAP Construction

MDOT’s Local Agency Program assists local agencies with preserving state and federal aid in a fair and consistent manner and serves as an information resource.

Local Agency Program Construction