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Metro Region Transportation Career Pathways Program

Welcome to the MDOT Transportation Career Pathways Program - Metro Region

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career journey with MDOT in Metro Region? Apply today and choose your preferred track to let us know your interested in the Transportation Career Pathways Program. Your future to a fulfilling career in transportation starts here!

Start your career journey today!

Explore exciting opportunities available in our region-specific tracks!


Transportation Maintenance Worker (TMW) Track
As a TMW participant, you'll engage in hands-on work related to the upkeep and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. From roadways to bridges, you'll play a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient travel within our region.

  • Up to three participants in Auburn Hills and two participants at the Detroit Maintenance garage.

Transportation Technician Track
Dive into practical, hands-on or lab-based work focused on becoming a skilled transportation technician. Gain valuable experience in maintaining and improving transportation systems, contributing to the smooth flow of traffic and overall infrastructure reliability.

  • Up to one participant at the Macomb TSC and Detroit TSC.

Trade-Helper Duties Track
For those exploring various aspects of the transportation industry, this track offers hands-on work related to trade-helper duties. Learn from electricians, maintenance mechanics, and heavy equipment mechanics to discover your specific interest within the diverse field of transportation.

  • Up to one participant at the Metro Region office.

About Metro Region

The Metro Region contains approximately 5,000 lanes miles, approximately 40% of the freeways and 40% of the state’s population within Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties. The region is covered by four transportation service centers, two garages, and one welcome center.