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Pavement Operations


Kevin Kennedy, Engineer of Pavement Operations

Capital Preventive Maintenance Engineer
Tyler Hunt, Transportation Engineer

Warranty Administration Engineer
Dave Weber, Transportation Engineer

Jeff Weiler, Laboratory Quality System Engineer

Contacts and Info

  • Responsible for bituminous construction materials, mixtures and investigations, bituminous mixtures testing, bituminous materials testing (asphalts, emulsions, tars, fiber joint fillers, hot-poured joint seals, mineral fillers), bituminous mix design verification, bituminous investigations/ coring, bituminous paving operation oversight (plant and street), Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements.

    Nathan Maack, HMA Operations Engineer

    Hot Mix Asphalt Technical Services
    John Barak, Bituminous Supervising Engineer

    Tim Crook, Asphaltic Materials Specialist

    Michelle Miller, Mix Design Engineer

    Joshua Arritt, Transportation Technician Recognized Resource

    Statewide HMA Specialist
    Marc Beyer, Bituminous Materials/Mixtures Specialist

    Hot Mix Asphalt Lab Services
    Eric Oudsema, Transportation Technician Supervisor

    Bituminous Investigations
    Randy Plascencia, Transportation Technician
    Laboratory Testing
    Responsible for asphalt binder certification program; asphalt emulsion certification program; hot-poured joint sealant and pipe sealer acceptance program; liaison - regions, asphalt product suppliers and asphalt refineries; bituminous mixtures - field reject verification; bituminous mixtures - field IAS testing; bituminous mixtures testing - supporting mix design laboratory; recovered binders evaluation; bituminous mixtures - core evaluation support for investigations laboratory; support testing for Testing and Research Section. Responsible for testing asphalt binder, emulsions, hot poured joint sealers; daily mixture samples, reject samples, recovered binder processing, IAT's and bituminous fiber joint testing; Marshall Mix Design verification; Superpave Mix Design verification; write Michigan Test Methods on bituminous related testing procedures, conduct Michigan's yearly bituminous round robin program; maintain the laboratory's AASHTO certification; write and annually update the procedures manual for Marshall & Superpave Mix Design Processing; maintain the Quality Systems Manual, laboratory personnel and laboratory equipment for the Mix Design Laboratory for AASHTO certifications; conduct training of contractors/consultants/college personnel in correct procedures on Marshall and Superpave Mix Designs; conduct IAS testing from Superpave samples; and conduct research testing on asphalt samples on the asphalt pavement analyzer. Responsible for bituminous mix design, materials, and investigations.

    Jessica Vliek, Transportation Technician

    Tagen Terpening, Transportation Technician

    Derek Price, Transportation Technician

    Mix Design
    Responsible for mix design procedures, testing, training, and submittals. Responsible for investigation of causes for pavement distress, project histories, and pavement coring. Independent assurance testing; acceptance testing for bituminous mix design testing; evaluation of SHRP materials and equipment; pavement investigations to evaluate pavement performance; data analysis - contractor, MDOT field and C&T lab test data; data collection - temperature site statewide; develop sampling, testing, and reporting procedures; LTPP sampling, preparation, and testing of SHRP projects; provide information for region, Design Division, litigation, and outside agencies; and liaison - regions, MAPA, research division, and various universities.

    Grant Carr, Transportation Technician

    Glen Harkonen, Transportation Technician

  • Responsible for and provides expertise in pavement management, including design, type selection, and performance trends for specific fix types. The section develops pavement designs and serves as project specialist on various pavement design projects, including oversight of research, the Pavement Demonstration Program, and the Pavement Historical Database; conducts, maintains, and enhances the pavement selection process; conducts performance analysis of various pavement fixes to identify performance trends; ensures MDOT compliance with federal and state requirements related to these pavement management areas.

    Michael Eacker, Pavement Management Engineer

    Pavement Design/Selection
    Justin Schenkel, Pavement Design/Program Engineer

    Ben Krom, Pavement Selection Engineer

    Candace Rosebrugh, Department Analyst

    Ethan Akerly, Pavement Engineer

    Pavement Evaluation
    Paul Shapter, Supervising Engineer, Pavement Evaluations

    Rehabilitation Studies
    Andrew Frechen, Transportation Engineer

    Field Investigations
    Ritchie Ginther, Transportation Technician

    Pavement Surveillance
    Phillipe Nguyen, Friction Specialist

    Bob Farnum, Transportation Technician

    Equipment Shop
    Responsible for field testing equipment, repair, distribution, inventory, and supplies, shipping and receiving.

    Ariel Bentz, Field Supply Technician

  • Responsible for aggregate quality control, aggregate wear indexes, aggregate source inventory, aggregate test results, aggregate specifications, aggregate schools, aggregate certification, independent assurance testing, tested stock, certified aggregate technician training. Material applications in design, construction, and maintenance of pavements and structures.

    Vacant, Engineer of Materials Section

    Materials Technology
    Responsible for testing and research of materials and products for bridges, pavements, and appurtenant structures. Provide internal services for field trouble shooting, failure analysis, and remediation of structural and materials-related issues.

    Tim Stallard, Engineer of Materials Technology

    Concrete Materials
    Responsible for new materials and procedures evaluations, mix designs, field investigations, and admixtures.

    Ethan Bahmer, Transportation Engineer

    Materials Investigations
    Responsible for bridge deck overlays, full-depth pavement repair materials, concrete mixtures, and epoxies.

    Cameron Minney, Transportation Engineer

    Responsible for concrete and bituminous sealants, related maintenance and construction programs.

    Andy Bennett, Transportation Technician

    Responsible for polymer repair materials, concrete coatings, snowmobile trail/crossing repairs, aggregate wear track operation, and epoxy bridge deck overlays.

    Responsible for structure expansion/modular joint systems, polymeric nosings, and premium pavement aggregate gradations/mix design performance.

    Todd Pentecost, Transportation Technician

    Concrete Technology
    Responsible for coarse aggregate freeze-thaw, testing of: Portland cement, fly ash, concrete products, plastic pipe and conduit, concrete mix design, cylinder core testing.

    Vacant, Transportation Technician, Supervisor

    Greg Pace, Transportation Technician

    Ho Nguyen, Transportation Technician

    Materials Control
    Responsible for certification of materials and manufactures, certification verification of materials, tested stock procedures and tracking of materials. Publication of Materials Source Guide (MSG) and responsible for information in MSG.

    Dennis Warren, Materials Quality Assurance Analyst

    Aggregate Quality

    Responsible for petrographic analysis and evaluation of construction aggregates, Michigan Certified Aggregate Technician Program, MDOT Aggregate Supplier Program, and Procedure for Aggregate Inspection Manual.

    Samara Graft, Geologist

    Brian Szczepanek, Geologist

    Gjulian Mecaj, Geologist

    Bob Wright, Transportation Technician
    Phone: 517-636-4954

    Tedra Roberts, Transportation Technician

    Concrete Technical Services
    Bill Black, Statewide Concrete Paving Specialist