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MDOT Logos

A logo or wordmark is a standardized graphic representation associated with a department or organization. When used consistently, it helps create a clear, consistent, and memorable identity and becomes a symbol that provides audiences with immediate and powerful recognition and association with a department or organization. A strong brand sets the tone for customers to effectively know who we are and what services we provide.

MDOT’s visual brand conveys a progressive and inclusive transportation system, focused on people first and innovations. Our brand is the foundation for communicating MDOT’s message in a unified, consistent, and professional manner.

In an effort to avoid any impression of bias or endorsement by a state government agency, MDOT generally does not grant permission for vendors or contractors to feature the MDOT logo on company websites, vehicles, stationary, etc. Study and research projects relating to universities, colleges, and consultants assigned as a research vendor must receive approval from the Office of Communications.

  • Display MDOT logos in the respective blue/green, black or white.
  • Use only approved, unaltered versions of MDOT's logos.
  • Do not recreate MDOT's logos.
  • Do not alter or modify MDOT's logos, except to enlarge or reduce proportionally.
  • Do not combine MDOT's logos with or place within any other marks, graphic elements or words. 

Questions regarding logo use or alternate formats can be directed to the Office of Communications.

HEX: #00679b

RGB: 1 102 153

CMYK: 93 58 18 2

Pantone: 301 C        

MDOT's blue brand color in a circle color swatch.

HEX: #00a160

RGB: 0 161 96

CMYK: 100 0 86 3

Pantone: 347 C        

MDOT's green brand color in a circle color swatch.

Download Logos

Each download (zip file) includes high resolution PNG files in color, black, and white.

MDOT's wordmark logo which includes the MDOT acronym, the MDOT swoosh and the words Michigan Department of Transportation.

- Traditional and formal
- Primary department logo
-Internal and external use

Download MDOT Wordmark

MDOT's two line logo which includes the MDOT swoosh and the words Michigan Department of Transportation.

- Can be used in place of Wordmark
- Use when Wordmark text size is illegible
- Internal and external use

 Download MDOT Two-line

MDOT's swoosh logo, which includes an image of Michigan with a swoosh through it.

- Used only as a graphic element
- Distinctive visual shorthand
- Not to be used as a stand-alone logo

Download MDOT Swoosh