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In an effort to avoid any impression of bias or endorsement by a state government agency, MDOT generally does not grant permission for vendors or contractors to feature the MDOT logo on company websites, vehicles, stationary, etc. This includes promotional materials of memberships and/or affiliations.


Kim Henderson, Manager
MDOT Graphic Design Unit

Standards and Use

  • Do not stretch the MDOT logo.
  • Use the shift or control key(s) to size logo proportionately.
  • The MDOT logo colors are:
    • PMS 301 blue
    • PMS 347 green
  • Solid colors 347, 301, white or black also are acceptable.
  • All files are MAC/PC compatible/downloadable.
  • Print use: Hi-Resolution JPG and VECTOR preferred.
  • Website use: Lo-Res JPG preferred.