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Engineer Development Program (EDP)

MDOT EDPs are shown how signs are created in MDOT's sign shop.
Department of Transportation

Engineer Development Program (EDP)

Developing transportation professionals with a global understanding of MDOT's mission and practices.

The Engineer Development Program (EDP) is a rotational program that provides new engineers experience in multiple work areas while being assigned a senior-level mentor. At the conclusion of the EDP, employees are placed into production roles in alignment with their career interests and the department's needs. 

Typical assignments include road and bridge design, construction, traffic safety, operations, maintenance, geotechnical, materials, and surveys. Additional opportunities in rail, aeronautics, and environmental can be worked into the program with the help of the EDP mentor. 


MDOT Engineer Development Program logo

EDP students at MDOT's Aeronautics hanger.

Exciting Engineering Opportunities

Are you a new engineer? Are you interested in learning about MDOT engineering opportunities? As an EDP, you will gain knowledge and experience that will help drive your career goals, and align your interests with MDOT's engineering needs. 

EDP Job Openings