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Mobility Initiatives

Detroit skyline at night.
Department of Transportation

Mobility Initiatives

Transportation in Michigan and around the world is changing every day. The way we move people and goods is being defined by intelligent, connected and automated vehicle technologies. The future of transportation offers many opportunities for new and innovative advancements, which will redefine how we travel, build sustainable networks, and improve safety. As a department with a long, rich history filled with many transportation firsts, MDOT is dedicated to being a leader in transportation innovation and technology.

Michigan's transportation future is bright!

Road Usage Charges

MDOT is studying possible changes to how our transportation infrastructure is funded. This study explores road usage charges, which means that instead of paying state fuel taxes, you would pay a few cents for each mile you drive.

Wireless Charging Roadway

MDOT and its partner, Electreon, are piloting the first public in-road charging system in the United States to be built along a 1-mile-long section of road in Detroit.

I-94 Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) Corridor Proposed Project

MDOT is conducting an Environmental Assessment (EA) on a proposed Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) corridor project in in Wayne and Washtenaw counties.

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is one of several programs that will aim to build out the infrastructure to support two million EVs on Michigan roads by 2030.

Connected Vehicles

The concept of the Connected Vehicles (CV) program holds the promise of forever changing the way MDOT and the public-sector do business in regard to operations and maintenance. However, much work is required for connected vehicles to be implemented in the United States. The technical and institutional challenges are extensive and will require time to overcome.

Michigan $15 Million Equitable Mobility Challenge

MDOT is soliciting grant proposals for new projects with the purpose of connecting Michigan senior citizens, persons with disabilities and veterans with modes of transportation and enabling access to various services, jobs, and destinations that improve their quality of life, while increasing equity and accessibility.

Mobility Challenge

The $8 Million Michigan Mobility Challenge grant initiative was created to address core mobility gaps for seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans across the state. The Challenge encouraged public-private partnerships to design pilot projects that use technology to improve mobility for the target populations.

Mobility Wallet Challenge

The Mobility Wallet Challenge is a grant opportunity to improve access to multiple transportation modes. One or more pilot projects will create a payment process that allows users and stakeholders to link bank accounts or deposit funds into a virtual wallet, giving riders seamless access to rides, passes, optimized fares, and/or credits when they use public and/or private transportation services.