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Transportation Systems Management & Operations 

View of Transportation Operations Center
Department of Transportation

Transportation Systems Management & Operations 

MDOT works to maintain Michigan's roads, but we also work to make the roads safer with less congestion. Through our Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) program, we are adding advanced technologies and partnerships to our traditional practices - from construction to clearing crashes to plowing snow - increasing mobility, reliability and safety along the way.

Michigan DOT TSMO Implementation and Strategic Plan

Real-Time Warning/Variable Speed Limit Abbreviated Concept of Operations


Kim Zimmer, TSMO Engineer

TSMO Benefits

Efficient commutes - Optimally timed traffic lights help vehicles move more smoothly through intersections. Harmonizing traffic lights can reduce travel times by 8 to 20 percent.

Clear routes - Michigan Traffic Incident Management Effort (Mi-TIME) provides important training on quickly and safely clearing traffic incidents.

Safer work zones - Technologies to safely manage work zones help decrease the number of work zone crashes, injuries, and deaths. 

Easier-to-use travel information - MDOT's Mi Drive website provides 24/7 traffic and incident information. 

Fewer wasted gallons of gas - Travelers will not burn fuel idling in congestion, enhancing livability and sustainability. 

Better, faster, cheaper, safer, and smarter - Solutions that cost-effectively reduce congestion, increase safety, and provide Michigan residents with measurable benefits now.

Michigan leading the way - Planet M promotes innovation in transportation mobility technologies across the state.

Business Cases

National research has shown that most stakeholders are not familiar with the wide variety of benefits offered by TSMO. MDOT has developed these TSMO Business Cases for outreach and education. These documents, tailored to key stakeholder groups, summarize the mobility, safety, and reliability benefits that TSMO can bring to Michigan:

Public - An introduction to TSMO for the general public.

Legislators - Information designed to foster understanding of TSMO concepts for lawmakers considering transportation policy.

Partners - TSMO information targeted to transportation partners, such as consultants, universities, municipalities, other DOT’s and agencies.

MDOT Decision Makers - A TSMO discussion aimed at MDOT executives.

Technical Staff - TSMO information for other MDOT technical staff.