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Road Users

A bicyclist and motorist share the road on rural Michigan road.
Department of Transportation

Road Users

Every year crashes on Michigan roads cause devastating injuries, deaths, and economic losses. In fact, statistics show that in Michigan a person dies in a traffic crash every 8 hours, 7 minutes. Road safety and traffic-related deaths remains one of the most challenging issues facing Michigan and the United States.

That is why MDOT is committed to improving safety for all road users - motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists - through technology and innovation. 

Bicyclist riding on the shoulder of a rural road.


MDOT is working to create better, safer roads for all users by providing services that supporting bicycling in Michigan.

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Cartoon man crying next to his crashed vehicle.

Crash Not Accident

Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by inattentive drivers and driver behavior. They are crashes, NOT accidents.

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Flex Route on US-23 in University Region.

Flex Route

Flex Route technology helps manage congestion and improve safety for highways that frequently experience traffic congestion.

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Median Cable Guardrail along I-96 near Grand Rapids.

Median Cable Guardrail

Median cable guardrail saves lives by preventing vehicles from leaving the road and striking another object.

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Michigan Left Sign in Lansing

Michigan Lefts

Michigan Lefts improve traffic flow and safety for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and truck drivers.

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Children walking through a pedestrian tunnel in Grand Rapids.


MDOT is working to create better, safer roads for all user by providing services that support walking and pedestrian safety.

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US-23 sign in northern lower Michigan.

Road Signs

Road signs provide important information to road users, create order on the roads, and keep people safe.

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US-131/M-86 roundabout at Fife Lake in MDOT's North Region.


Roundabouts are easy to navigate and have been proven to safely decrease traffic delays and congestion.

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Edgeline rumble strips on M-32 in Otsego County.

Rumble Strips

Rumble strips are a low-cost measure used to address one of the most serious types of traffic crashes: a lane departure crash.

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A completed SPUI interchange at US-131 and 44th Street in city of Wyoming, Kent County.

Single-Point Urban Interchange

 A SPUI moves more traffic through a smaller amount of space. 

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Six-Inch-Wide pavement markings on I-496 in Lansing.

Six-Inch Pavement Markings

Six-inch wide pavement markings improve safety and guidance on Michigan trunklines for both human and machine vision drivers. 

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MDOT Statewide Sign crew changing the speed limit sign on US-127 to 75 mph.

Speed Limits

MDOT and the Michigan State Police jointly set speed limits that are based on the 85th percentile speed.

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Traffic signals on US-12/Michigan Ave. in Saline.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals optimize traffic flow for intersection efficiency, and provide consistent rules for all road users.

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Vehicles driving during winter conditions on I-96 and I-496 in Eaton County.

Winter Safety

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures all have an effect on how we safely drive during winter conditions.

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Barrel on the US-10 Clare construction project.

Work Zone Safety

Michigan is serious about the safety of vulnerable workers and motorists, so slow down and give work zones your full attention.

Work Zone Safety