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Utility Coordination

Crews installing a by horizontal direction drill at a 12" natural gas main as part of a larger project.
Department of Transportation

Utility Coordination

Utility Coordination and Accommodation performs a liaison role between MDOT and utilities for placing new facilities within the state right of way and when utilities require relocation or modification because of conflicts with MDOT projects. Transportation Service Center (TSC) personnel administer the review and approval process for utility coordination and accommodation. The Utility & Permit Personnel Guide provides TSC contact information.
Questions? Contact Eric Thackery, Utility Coordination Analyst, at 517-335-8856. 
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QStaking Request

ITS, traffic signals, roadway lighting, and other electrical infrastructure are not on MISS DIG.

Contractors must submit a Staking Request (Form 5300) five (5) working days before digging in/near MDOT right of way.

Buy America Requirements for Reimbursable Utility Relocations

MDOT is required to follow the federally mandated "Buy America" requirements for all projects involving federal funding. This includes reimbursable utility relocation work. The following links provide information on the Buy America requirements as they relate to utilities:

MDOT Special Provision for Source of Steel and Iron (Buy America)

Buy America Requirements Pay Items and Materials that Require Step Certification

FHWA's Buy America FAQs for Federal-aid Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Project coordination and placement of new utility facilities is handled by the Transportation Service Centers (TSC). Please contact the appropriate TSC personnel for additional information.

  • The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a list of projects that the state proposes to fund with federal aid. The STIP lists road, bridge and transit projects located exclusively in rural areas.

    The MDOT Five Year Plan is officially approved by the State Transportation Commission and provides statewide project information and/or information by specific regions.

  • The MDOT Utility Accommodation Policy, approved by the MDOT Transportation Commission, provides specific guidelines and policy for utilities placing facilities within the highway right-of-way.

  • Contact your MDOT Transportation Service Center (TSC) to obtain the required permit to place utility type facilities within the highway right-of-way.

  • The MDOT Construction Permit Fee Schedule provides cost information for utility permits.