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Program Services

The Program Services Unit provides appraisal services, contracting, program management, and local agency real estate oversight services. 

Sharon Simon, Program Services Unit Supervisor, 517-230-9433

Appraisal Services
Appraisal Services provides specialized real estate valuation services and technical expertise to determine fair market value of land, buildings, and improvements needed for MDOT transportation projects. It is also responsible for MDOT appraisal training, policies and procedures, and maintaining the MDOT approved list of prequalified independent consultant appraisers.

Appraisal Forms
Application for Approval to Provide Real Estate Appraisal and Appraisal Review Services
Please send your completed application to Sharon Simon.

Gerry Lacey, Appraisal Specialist, 517-243-3982
Andy Sill, Appraisal Analyst (North/Superior Regions), 517-897-2497
Norm Thomas, Appraisal Analyst (Bay/Metro Regions), 517-242-9526
Brian Sinclair, Appraisal Analyst (Grand/University/Southwest Regions), 517-388-4570

The Program Services Unit coordinates MDOT contracts for the Development Services Division and statewide real estate contracts. If you are interested in applying for prequalification for Appraisal Services please complete and return the application above. If you are interested in applying for prequalification for Acquisition or Relocation Services please complete and return the application on the Project Support Unit page.

Prequalified Acquisition and Relocation Consultant List
Prequalified Appraisal Consultant List
Real Estate Services Terms and Conditions

Matt Blackledge, Contract Administrator, 517-335-2538

Local Agency Real Estate Oversight
The Program Services Unit assists, monitors, reviews, manages and approves the acquisition of all local public agency right of way throughout the state to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. The unit provides training to all local public agencies, transportation service centers, consultants and other departmental offices, including Local Agency Programs, regarding acquisition, appraisal and relocation functions on federally funded projects. It also acts as a liaison between the Federal Highway Administration, MDOT and local public agencies regarding acquisition of right of way.

Local Agency Real Estate Guidance and Information

Kem Hoopingarner, Local Agency Real Estate Specialist, 517-242-8334

Program Management
The Program Services Unit assists in the real estate business process by monitoring, preparing, and coordinating right-of-way project notifications, certifications, and the advanced acquisition program. The unit prepares, coordinates, and disseminates financial information that involves real estate and coordinates with MDOT's Design, Finance and Planning areas, as well as the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Kem Hoopingarner, Local Agency Real Estate Specialist, 517-242-8334