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Traffic & Safety

Cars on a rural road in Michigan passing a Dynamic Message Sign that reads, Don't Text and Drive.
Department of Transportation

Traffic & Safety

At the Michigan Department of Transportation, safety is paramount. It is our goal to improve overall safety for all road users, internal staff, contractors performing work on roads, and emergency responders. 

We continue to work with our partners to seek out innovative ideas and ways to keep Michigan’s road users and workers safe.

It's all about SAFETY!

Graphic  displaying Fatality numbers for TZD

Michigan's Traffic Safety Goal

Eliminate fatalities from 1,131 in 2021 to 0 by 2050. 

Eliminate serious injuries from 5,979 in 2021 to 0 in 2050.

Every year traffic crashes on Michigan roads cause loss of life and billions of dollars in economic losses. In 2022, more than 1,120 people were killed on Michigan's roads and nearly 42,800 people were killed in traffic crashes across the United States.

Road traffic fatalities is a crisis across Michigan and the United States. We cannot, and should not, accept traffic fatalities as a part of our everyday life. That is why Michigan's goals are in line with national traffic safety goals to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries.

Together with our federal, state, and local safety partners, we will continue to build a successful highway safety program that focuses on flexible and effective partnerships that integrates the work of all disciplines and agencies involved in highway safety. Our goal is to continue to move Toward Zero Deaths on Michigan roads.

Road Users

Every year crashes on Michigan roads cause devastating injuries, deaths, and economic losses. In fact, statistics show that in Michigan a person dies in a traffic crash every 7 hours, 45 minutes. Road safety and traffic-related deaths remains one of the most challenging issues facing Michigan and the United States. That is why MDOT is committed to improving safety for all road users - motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians - through technology and innovation.


Transportation-related safety efforts include programs that aim for safer roads and users. These safety efforts or initiatives often focus on working or partnering with local road agencies or first responders to increase road safety, and decrease road injuries and fatalities.