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Right-of-Way Construction

Right-of-way Utility Permit construction on Grand River M-5.
Department of Transportation

Right-of-Way Construction

This unit has the regulatory authority for managing the use of the state highway right of way and adjacent boundaries as stipulated in Act 200 of 1969 (Driveway, Banner and Parade Act), Administrative Rules regulating Driveways, Banners and Parades, Act 368 of 1925 (Encroachment Act), and Act 106 of 1972 (Highway Advertising Act). This unit regulates private and public entity's use of the state highway right of way by acting as the primary liaison between MDOT and other state government agencies, the Federal Highway Administration, utility companies and permit applicants.

Permits and information for the following operations can be obtained by contacting the appropriate MDOT Transportation Service Center.

All construction permit applications are submitted and purchased through the MDOT Permit Gateway online service.

For technical problems related to MDOT Permit Gateway (MPG), email or call 844-806-0002.

For technical problems related to CPS, contact

Insurance and Bonds
Filing Bond and Insurance Electronically

Joe Rios, Statewide Construction Permit Coordinator