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Staff photo of Carol Aldrich

Carol Aldrich

Engineer of Research 

Key Areas: Research Administrator, STIC/EDC Coordinator, MDOT TRB Representative, EOC Secretary

Staff photo of Lisa Branch

Lisa Branch

Administrative Assistant

Key Areas: Program Development Meeting Coordinator; Engineering Operations Meeting Coordinator; Research Administration Training Coordinator; Research Administration Records Retention Liaison

Project Administration

Staff photo of Michael Townley

Michael Townley


Key Areas: Manages the research project program. Assists project managers develop and manage projects in the focus areas listed below.

Focus Areas: Bridges & Structures, Environmental & Water Resources, Geotechnical & Foundational Design, Innovative Contracting, Project Development, Real Estate & Permits, Rest Areas, Utilities & Landscaping, Surveys & Automated Design

Staff photo of Rebecca Petri

Rebecca Petri

Research Project Analyst

Key Areas: Supports the selected research team throughout their projects; project support includes contracting, reporting, invoices, and quarterly project reports, funding, and annual reporting.

Staff photo of Faith Rodriguez

Faith Rodriguez

Research Program Analyst

Key Areas: Supports research partners throughout the proposal and selection process. This includes request for proposals, proposal review, selection announcements and the overall MDOT research annual program.

staff photo of Emmagrace Banks

Emmagrace Banks

Student Assistant

Key Areas: Assists Research Project Analyst with project management, including invoices, quarterly reports and closeouts

Program Management

Staff photo of Andre Clover

André Clover

Research Program Manager

Key Areas: Research Program Manager; Program/Project Development; Project Management and Implementation Assistance for Focus Areas listed below; National Transportation Pooled Fund/Program Manager

Focus Areas: Construction, Fleet/Facility Management & Outcomes, Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals, Mobility & Traffic Incidents, Pavement & Materials, Roadway & Roadside Maintenance, Worker/Facility Safety & Security Emergency Management

Staff photo of Mary Hoffmeyer

Mary Hoffmeyer

Research Program Specialist 

Key Areas: Research Manager; Project Development; Communication Reporting and Outreach; Implementation Assistance for Focus Areas listed in table below; National Transportation Pooled Fund

Focus Areas: Asset Management & Policy, Aviation, Contract Administration, Data Inventory & Integration, Finance, Freight & Logistics, Intercity Bus & Private/For Hire Passenger Carriers, Local Transit, Non-Motorized Planning & Development, Passenger & Freight Rail, Program Development, Travel Demand Forecasting, Workforce Development & Organizational Effectiveness


Jennifer Herron


Key Areas: Disseminate research publications; review incoming reports for accessibility compliance; complete literature searches; Research Administration website content editor; Assist with public reference requests.