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About Licensing Resources for Veterans

LARA is responsible for the state’s licensing and regulatory environment and strives to make the delivery of services efficient and streamlined for its consumers. The department oversees the licensing and regulation of more than 2 million individuals and entities, spanning hundreds of license types. These licensing programs cover areas such as health care, accountants, real estate, skilled trades and many others.

Licensing Resources

The department administers several acts including the Michigan Occupational Code, Michigan Public Health Code and Skilled Trades Regulation Act, that provide resources for many professions under its oversight.

Examples of licensing resources include:

  • Utilizing military experience towards licensing
  • Providing an exemption for renewal fees while on active duty
  • Providing an exemption for continuing education requirements while on active duty
  • Granting temporary licenses for active duty military personnel's spouses
  • Granting a waiver for the initial license or initial registration fee for veterans
  • Granting a waiver for the initial application processing fee for veterans
  • Providing a reimbursement from Federal Department of Veterans Affairs for required and paid for examination fees.

Licensing Resources