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LARA Summarily Suspends License of Detroit MMA Fighter

Media Contact: LARA Communications 517-373-9280

February 17, 2017 - The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau (CSCL) summarily suspended the mixed martial artist license of Tyler Dennis-James Meadows of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and ordered him to cease and desist from any and all activity requiring an amateur mixed martial arts license. 

“All amateur mixed martial artists must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the laws and rules applicable to mixed martial arts contests to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all participants and the general public,” said LARA Director Shelly Edgerton. “We want to ensure that professional and safe environments are provided for athletes and spectators at these events.”

An investigation of an incident following a regulated mixed martial arts event on February 4, 2017, between Meadows and Dylan Carpenter at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, disclosed violations of the Michigan Unarmed Combat Regulatory Act. The violations included assaulting another licensee, outside of or while not involved in a contest and engaging in conduct that is detrimental to a contest or event, including foul or unsportsmanlike conduct in connection with a contest or event.

Following the contest won by Meadows, Meadows abruptly jumped over and out of the contest cage and assaulted Taylor Vincent Moore, a licensed professional mixed martial artist who served as Dylan Carpenter’s second. This resulted in injuries to multiple spectators, including a minor child who needed medical attention. 

CSCL issued a Notice and Order to Cease & Desist, an Order of Summary Suspension, and a Formal Complaint against Mr. Meadows notifying him of his procedural due process rights to request a compliance/settlement conference or proceed directly to a formal hearing. CSCL also referred his name to a national suspension list.

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