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Administrative Complaints Filed Against MSU Health Licensees for Alleged Public Health Code Violation

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February 20, 2019 – Michigan State University Athletic Trainers Destiny Teachnor-Hauk and Lianna Hadden are being served with administrative complaints by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the Department of the Attorney General for giving false statements to investigators about their knowledge of sexual abuse of students by Larry Nassar.

“The findings of our investigation are serious in nature and demonstrate unethical conduct for their profession,” LARA Director Orlene Hawks said. “We appreciate Attorney General Nessel’s collaboration with LARA during the course of these thorough investigations which resulted in the administrative complaints.”

The administrative complaints are strictly actions on Teachnor-Hauk’s and Hadden’s athletic trainer licenses in the State of Michigan.

”We’ve made it clear before and we’re making it clear again today: lying to law enforcement officers engaged in an investigation is unacceptable,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel. “Teachnor-Hauk’s and Hadden’s unethical conduct and lack of good moral character deserves serious review by their licensing board.”

Both administrative complaints assert that students informed Teachnor-Hauk and Hadden about the discomfort they felt during Nassar’s treatments. Both Teachnor-Hauk and Hadden were independently interviewed by the Department of Attorney General Special Agents on June 11, 2018. Both licensees denied that any student had ever advised them of concerns with Nassar or his treatment.

The investigation determined that both licensee’s statements to investigators on June 11, 2018 were untruthful and evidence of a lack of good moral character, which is a violation of the Public Health Code.

Once an administrative complaint is issued, the licensee must file a response within 30 days. At that time, the licensee can either seek a compliance conference, or request a hearing with the Michigan Administrative Hearing System. Failing to respond within 30 days is considered an admission of the alleged conduct and results in the complaint being forwarded to the disciplinary subcommittee (DSC) of the Michigan Board of Athletic Trainers for determination of an appropriate sanction.

The ultimate determination of whether the licensee violated the Public Health Code is made by the DSC. The DSC may impose the following sanctions if it determines that a violation has occurred: issue a fine, suspend the license, revoke the license, place the licensee on probation with terms, and/or place a limitation on the licensee.

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