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Cannabis Regulatory Agency Reminds Licensees about Marijuana Event Organizer and Temporary Marijuana Events Requirements

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) is committed to educating the public and licensees and – in response to numerous requests for information about marijuana event organizers and temporary marijuana events – shared today helpful information and resources to aid in public education regarding these two license types.

The Verify a Cannabis Business License in our Database tool on the CRA website can be used by the public – or by licensees being solicited to participate in TMEs – to confirm marijuana event organizers (MEO) are licensed by the state and to also confirm which events are licensed as temporary marijuana events (TME). After clicking the “Verify a Cannabis Business License in our Database” button, choose “adult-use” and then choose which license type you want to view (Temporary Marijuana Event or Marijuana Event Organizer) and click the search button.

The public can also report suspected non-licensed events to the CRA by filing a complaint on the CRA website. The specific details of the MEO and TME license types, as well as application instructions, can be found on the CRA website. The information found below is highlighted from the administrative rules, which can be found on the CRA website. Applicants and licensees are required to follow all laws and rules, in full.

Highlights of the Marijuana Event Organizer and Temporary Marijuana Event License Rules

It is important to note that CRA rules require a person who allows consumption of marijuana products on the premises of a non-residential location – and charges a fee for entry, sells goods or services while individuals are consuming on the premises, or requires membership for entry – must acquire either a designated consumption establishment license or a temporary marijuana event license. An application for a temporary marijuana event license must be submitted 90 days prior to the date of the event.

A temporary marijuana event (TME) license may be issued only to a person who holds a marijuana event organizer (MEO) license issued by the CRA. An MEO is not authorized to engage in the operations of a marijuana establishment licensee without first obtaining the appropriate licenses.

Violations of the requirements applicable to TMEs may result in disciplinary action against the MEO license or any other licenses held by a licensee participating in the TME, including sponsors.

A TME license may be issued only for a single day or up to 7 consecutive days and the event must be held at a venue expressly approved by a municipality for the purpose of holding an event where sales to, or consumption of marijuana by, persons 21 years of age or older will occur.

Each marijuana retailer or marijuana microbusiness or class A marijuana microbusiness licensee participating in a TME must be identified with an assigned TME location number. An MEO must provide a list of all licensees and employees who will be providing onsite sales of marijuana products at the TME. If the list of licensees and employees participating changes after the application is submitted or after the event license is issued, the applicant shall submit an updated list and an updated diagram to the CRA not less than 72 hours before the event. Licensees not on the list submitted to the agency may not participate in the TME.

The MEO licensee who holds the TME license must ensure that access to the event is restricted to persons 21 years of age or older and ensure that marijuana sales or consumption is not visible from any public place or non-age-restricted area. The MEO is also responsible for ensuring that all rules and requirements for the onsite consumption of marijuana products are followed.

Prior to selling marijuana products to a customer, the licensee making the sale must confirm the age and identity of the customer. All sales of marijuana products at a TME shall occur in a retail area as designated in the premises diagram.

Each sale at a TME must be performed by a licensed marijuana retailer, a marijuana microbusiness, or a class A marijuana microbusiness that is authorized to sell marijuana products to customers. Sales activities may only occur within the specifically assigned area, identified in the diagram of the physical layout of the TME. Mobile sales activities via wagon, cart, or similar means are prohibited.

The marijuana products sold onsite at a TME must be compliantly transported to the site by a licensed secure transporter.  A licensed transporter is not required if less than 15 ounces of marijuana or 60 grams of concentrate is transported at one time. Except small amounts of products used for display, all marijuana products for sale at a TME must be stored in a secure, locked container that is not accessible to the public. Marijuana products stored by a licensee at a TME must not be left unattended.

All marijuana products made available for sale at a TME by a licensee must comply with all requirements of state law and administrative rules for the sale and tracking of marijuana products.

An MEO licensee, or a licensee participating in a TME, must comply with the notification requirements for theft, loss, or criminal activity pertaining to marijuana product. A licensee selling marijuana products at a TME shall comply with the requirements of the administrative rules regarding the sale or transfer of marijuana and the purchasing limits in a single transaction.

Any questions for the CRA regarding the marijuana event organizer (MEO) license or the temporary marijuana event (TME) license should be emailed to

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