Michigan Passenger Transportation Program


  • Intercity Bus Program

    MDOT's Intercity Terminal Development Program is responsible for the construction or rehabilitation of intercity passenger terminals in over 20 communities throughout Michigan, including 4 MDOT owned facilities in Benton Harbor, Detroit, Pontiac, and Southfield.  Intercity Terminal funds are used to ensure the passenger terminals remain attractive, passenger friendly, and safe.

    MDOT's Intercity Service Program funds are used to bid out 5 routes in Northern Michigan every three years.  These contracted routes provide service that would not otherwise exist (i.e., service that would not be provided by a carrier absent a state subsidy) and provide invaluable connections for Michigan's rural population to urban centers and the national transportation network.

    MDOT's Intercity Bus Capital Program utilizes state and federal dollars to fund buses used along Michigan's intercity bus routes.  Buses are replaced when the federal useful life criteria has been met, ensuring safe and modern vehicles within Michigan's intercity bus program. 

  • Local Bus Capital and Operating Assistance Programs

    Operating Assistance Program:

    Nonurbanized areas and urbanized areas under 100,000 population will receive state operating assistance for up to 60 percent of eligible expenses. Urbanized areas over 100,000 population will receive state operating assistance for up to 50 percent of eligible expenses.

    Capital Assistance Program:

    This program provides state share to match federal funds under various federal programs such as Section 5307, Section 5339, Small Urban, 5311(f), STP, and CMAQ.

  • Marine Passenger Program

    Funding is provided to the Beaver Island Transportation Authority (BITA), Charlevoix County Transportation Authority (Ironton Ferry), and Eastern Upper Peninsula Transportation Authority (EUPTA) for capital improvements and operating assistance to support their ferry services. 

    EUPTA provides ferry services linking Drummond, Neebish, and Sugar islands with the Chippewa County mainland.  The residents on the islands rely on this only means of transport service for employment, medical, school, shopping, food and fuel supplies.

    BITA provides ferry services between the City of Charlevoix and St. James Township on Beaver Island. Island residents rely on this service for essential transportation and commodities.

    Ironton Ferry transports passengers and vehicles across Lake Charlevoix between Boyne City and Charlevoix.

    The operating support is provided from the Local Bus Operating Assistance Program.

  • Service Development and New Technology Program

    The Service Development and New Technology Program provides funds for research, training/education, planning and coordination, and operational and technical projects that preserve or enhance public transit. Projects submitted for funding under this application must demonstrate statewide benefits and are subject to a competitive project selection process.

  • Specialized Services Program

    The Specialized Services program provides operating assistance to private, nonprofit agencies, and public agencies providing transportation services primarily to seniors and individuals with disabilities.