Office of Rail Contacts



Vacant Director 517-335-1902
Ouida Ford Executive Assistant 517-335-1902
Rail Operations
Al Johnson Manager 517-388-6284
Lori Essenberg Administrative Assistant   517-335-3118
Jeff Martin Intercity Services & Equipment Analyst 517-230-5163
Daniel Harris Fixed Guideway Safety Oversight Officer 517-896-2799
Sara Moore International Border Crossing Specialist 517-749-2518
Nikkie Johnson Economic Development & Freight Operations Specialist 517-335-0939
Jeannine Cleveland Property Analyst 517-241-2420
 Railroad Infrastructure
Rob Lippert Manager 517-230-4839
Jim D'Lamater Engineer Manager 517-335-3577
Magen Cole Infrastructure Payments Analyst 517-242-8675 
Kris Foondle Local Crossing Specialist & Abandonment Contact 517-335-3054
Ryan Hoensheid State-owned Rail Bridge Engineer 517-290-6376
Vacant Trunkline Grade Separations Engineer 517-335-3043
Nisia Tebbe Trunkline Crossing Engineer 517-335-2272
Ryan Weiss Construction & Maintenance Engineer 517-243-8771
Rail Safety
Vacant Manager 517-256-7423
Tresa Beardslee Administrative Assistant 517-335-1856
Michael Abar Railroad Safety Inspector 517-331-3153
Jamie Goff  Railroad Safety Inspector 517-243-6850 
Nanette Guggemos  Crossing Safety Compliance Specialist 517-335-2706 
Steve Nowakowski  Railroad Safety Inspector  517-243-0620 
Fernando Zaldivar  Crossing Data Analyst 517-335-1836 
Tony Alee Railroad Safety Inspector 517-243-7434
Budget and Contracts
Deb Brown  Manager  517-335-1875
Brenda Allen  Contracts Technical Coordinator  517-335-1853 
David Mestelle  Funding Specialist  517-335-1849 
Kelly Villarreal  Contracts Administrator  517-335-1833 
Kathy Willoughby Crossing Payment Analyst 517-335-1851
Brooke Allison Budget Specialist 517-335-3132