Crossing Funding

  • MDOT uses dedicated state and federal dollars to improve motorist safety through warning-device and crossing-surface enhancements at the approximately 4800 public railroad crossings throughout the state as well as the elimination of crossings altogether.

    Safety Enhancements: MDOT provides funding for safety enhancements, like active-warning devices, at existing public grade crossings. Projects are primarily identified through an annual prioritization process to identify where investments will have the greatest impact for the motoring public. Funding may also be available for crossings affected by road projects.

    Crossing Surface Program: Through a competitive call-for-projects, MDOT provides up to a 60% funding match for crossing surface improvements on local roads. In the first two years of the program, MDOT has had over 220 applications resulting in more than 110 approved projects to improve local crossing surfaces. The next call for projects will take place in 2019.

    Crossing Eliminations: MDOT provides cash incentives to road authorities closing roads at crossings and provides funding towards track realignment projects that eliminate public at-grade crossings.

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