Driving Change Bicycle Safety

Driving Change KitThe Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) partnered with the City of Grand Rapids on this bicycle safety education campaign, recognizing an increase in the use of bicycles for transportation, recreation, and health; and a need for addressing an increase in crashes. This project was designed to establish a template for a broad education campaign. MDOT encourages communities, metropolitan planning organizations, nonprofit groups, and others to utilize this playbook to understand how to focus local research efforts to ensure delivery of the right messages to the right audiences at the right times.

Implementing an effort like Driving Change may require an organization to engage experts in the field of crash investigation and analysis as well as marketing and behavior change. This playbook was created to address only one element of creating safer roadways: education! It is designed to outline the steps interested agencies and organizations should pursue and understand when considering a similar project in their community or region.

Driving Change Campaign Playbook

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Playbook Appendix PDF icon

Project Support Materials

Campaign Recap 2016-2019 PDF icon
Campaign Completion Report Year 1 PDF icon
Marketing Plan PDF icon
Phase One and Two Public Report PDF icon 
Pre/Post-Campaign Research Report PDF icon
Sample Outdoor Messages PDF icon
Sample Work Plan PDF icon
Implementation Infographic PDF icon

Media reuse information: Driving Change videos, radio spots, and some printed media materials feature paid actors. The ability to use some of these materials is limited by usage rights. To request use of any Driving Change materials, contact MDOT staff Josh DeBruyn at DeBruynJ@Michigan.gov or Mike Smith at SmithM13@Michigan.gov.