Pure Michigan Byways Program

  • Benefits

    Whether you're exploring Michigan's pleasant peninsulas or pursuing a new route, the Pure Michigan Byways Program offers many benefits, including preservation, economic, community and education.

  • How to Apply

    The application process for Pure Michigan Byways designation consists of two steps.

Driving Guide

  • Pure Michigan Byways offer a rich taste of all the grandeur and diversity the Great Lakes State has to offer. Outstanding natural beauty and many sites of historical, scenic, recreational and cultural significance have earned Michigan its place at the top of the list of travel destinations. 

    Michigan's wonders are easily accessible from the collection of 23 State and National Byways and Tour Routes. Each Byway description in this guide highlights scenic, natural, historical, cultural and archaeological attractions along the route. Maps and information regardingavailability of services, time needed to drive and enjoy each Byway and Tour route, best times of year to travel are also included. The routes are categorized by their designation: All American Roads come first, followed by National Scenic Byways, Pure Michigan Byways and other Tour Routes. Routes are introduced in each category from the lower to the upper peninsula of the state. You will find contact information for each Byway and tour route starting on page 7. 

    Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff or merely enjoy a relaxing drive in the country, Pure Michigan Byways will take you there. So, take the road less traveled and discover the many wonders that await you along Michigan's Byways. 

    This Guide was made possible through the Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Travel Michigan. Many thanks to those who contributed to its development. Design and production. Including Michigan's Association of Regions who provide oversight and program management of the Pure Michigan Byway program.



Funding Resources

  • Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) TAP is a competitive grant program that funds projects such as bike paths, streetscapes, and historic preservation of transportation facilities that enhance Michigan's intermodal transportation system, promote walkability, and improve quality of life for Michigan citizens.

Designated Routes

  • Pure Michigan Byways Map PDF icon

    Download the Driving Guide for a listing of current Pure Michigan Byways, complete with route information and photos.