2021 Engineering Week

  • The Henry Ford logoEngineers and technicians work together at MDOT to provide Michigan the highest-value transportation services for ensured safety, economic benefit and improved quality of life. Have your students join us all this week for a crash course in civil engineering and transportation construction as we dive into automated vehicles, the M-30 bridge repair in Edenville, career readiness, and much more.  

    From early elementary to high school seniors, the provided lesson plans below are an all-inclusive resource to show your students the career of civil engineering at MDOT.

    Lesson plans are in accordance with 2015 MDE K-12 Science Standards.

  • Hydraulics, the Power of Nature

    Have you ever wondered what happens when a dam breaks? How about two dams at the same time? Listen and learn from Kimberly Zimmer, associate region operations engineer for the MDOT Bay Region, as she walks you through the events and response due to the catastrophic Wixom and Sanford Lake Dam failures.

    Lesson Plan Materials:
    Hydraulics, the Power of Nature Lesson Plan PDF icon
    Video Playlist: Hydraulics, the Power of Nature

  • Bridges and Inspection, Spanning New Horizons

    Discover some insider information on the construction and operation of the world's second largest bascule bridge deck! Bonnie Yu, senior contracts project manager, walks you through the steps it took to build this massive and fascinating structure!

    Lesson Plan Materials:
    Bridges and Inspections Lesson Plan PDF icon
    Video Playlist: Bridges and Inspection

  • Automated Connected Vehicles, the Future of Transportation

    Have you been in a connected and automated vehicle (CAV)? How do connected vehicles talk to each other anyways? Elise Feldpausch, MDOT connected vehicle specialist, takes you on an adventure discussing the safety benefits of CAV and why MDOT is involved in the CAV game in the first place.

    Lesson Plan Materials:
    Automated Connected Vehicles Lesson Plan PDF icon
    Video Playlist: Automated Connected Vehicles

  • CAD Design and Women in Engineering, Embracing Inclusive Engineering

    Bringing old roads to current times! Listen in to Divya Iyer as she talks about all the cool and exciting new modernizations being included in our I-75 project. Wait until you hear about the gigantic tunnel boring machine!

    Lesson Plan Materials:
    CAD and Women in Engineering Lesson Plan PDF icon
    Video Playlist: CAD and Women in Engineering

  • Career Readiness Day, Introducing Students to the Civil Engineering Career

    Dynamic message signs, roadway weather information systems, and closed-circuit televisions are some of the devices that are helping to make our roads smarter. Shandre Huff will talk to you about these and more devices on Michigan roadways and how they are helping you get to your destination safer and more efficiently.

    Lesson Plan Materials:
    Career Readiness Day Lesson Plan PDF icon
    Video Playlist: Career Readiness Day