State Long-range Transportation Plan

  • Logo for Michigan Mobility 2045 - State Long Range Transportation PlanThe Michigan Mobility 2045 Plan, also known as the State Long-Range Transportation Plan, is a 25-year plan for transforming Michigan's transportation system.  MDOT has begun development of a new plan to replace the existing plan, known as the MI Transportation Plan, in consultation with the public and stakeholders.  The plan is the first of its kind to incorporate not only an overall vision of the state's transportation system, but to include two additional federally required documents: the State Rail Plan and State Freight Plan.  These three documents combined into one will provide a streamlined vision of the transportation future in Michigan across all modes.

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    Michigan Mobility 2045 Draft Plan

    Comments on the draft plan can be submitted to MM2045 through Aug. 31 by emailing, visiting the MM2045 website at Contact Us/Comments - Michigan Mobility 2045, by phone or mail to:

    Monica Monsma
    MDOT Environmental Services Section
    425 West Ottawa St. 
    P.O. Box 30050 
    Lansing, MI 48909 

    Visit the Michigan Mobility 2045 website for more information.

    MM2045 Visioning Public and Stakeholder Participation Results