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Mi Drive Disclaimer

Originally introduced in 2007, the Mi Drive site has been revamped several times. The Web site provides motorists with an online resource where they can learn about and visually locate current information about lane closures, construction projects and MDOT traffic cameras throughout Michigan. MDOT posts the information for motorists to check before they get behind the wheel.

The Mi Drive site is maintained by MDOT and the Michigan Department of Information Technology in cooperation with the state's Center for Shared Solutions & Technology Partnerships and the Intelligent Transportation Systems program office within the MDOT Division of Operations.

The Mi Drive interactive map is navigated much like a Google or Bing map. By going to the "Go To" box on the home page or zooming in using your computer mouse wheel, you can easily zoom into a specific location and see and read about current information about lane closures and MDOT construction projects throughout the state, and get accident reports, information about roadway speeds and changeable message signs in the Metro Detroit area.

Know Before You Go!

Check Mi Drive for the most up-to-date construction and traffic information.

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Mi Drive Disclaimer
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) provides this website for informational purposes only. Website materials are compiled from a variety of sources; they are subject to change without notice. MDOT expressly disclaims any warranty, guarantee, or representation of completeness or accuracy of the information on this site or on any site to which it links. MDOT strives to maintain the most current information and camera images available on the website, but cannot guarantee that all information and images will be displayed due to power outages, equipment malfunctions, telecommunication outages, or other such reasons which may be beyond the control of MDOT. If a camera is expected to be out for longer than a day, MDOT may remove the camera from the website and reactivate it once the camera is back online. Lane closure information displayed on the Mi Drive site only covers M, I, and US routes in Michigan.